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[Delta Green] Dodge versus Ranged Attacks

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Hello all,


I've a question regarding the interpretation of the Dodge Skill versus a gun in Delta Green (2016). Agent Handbook p. 54 says:

"... can use Dodge to scramble for cover. [...] make a Dodge roll [...] to get behind cover."


A points his gun to B and wants to shoot. B is using his Dodge Skill and opposes the Firearms Skill of A successfully. B is now behind cover.


So, does A misses B completely? I guess yes, because it is an opposing skill contest (one winner only), right?


B has chosen to Dodge. So, in the same round he will dodge all hand-to-hand attacks against him, too. I would let the player of B leave his dice in front off him to remember his Dodge Roll, or how would you resolve this as a Handler? Or has B to roll again on Dodge when he is being attacked later in the same round by C for example?


Thanks in advance.

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Cover makes you harder to hit, see table p51, and reduces damage, see page 57. Proection in Combat is the index entry you need.


I'd rule that if it's the cover that makes the shot miss, then compare it to the armour value of the cover to see if any blows through.


Or you might consider an opposed roll to see if the dodge is better than the shot.

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In CoC 7E if A shoots at B, then B can make a Dodge roll to dive for cover (p. 113). This is not an opposed roll, and a normal success from B is sufficient for A getting a penalty die to his attack roll. So, it's the cover which makes it harder to hit.


In DG, following your point, this would lead to a -20% penalty to the attack of A for B being behind cover and the need for a called shot from A to hit B. Plus, a damage reduction from the cover itself, if A is going to land a hit. That is to say 'you can not dodge bullets, but only make it for cover' in contrast to an opposed roll, where Dodging would make the attack itself fail.


Again my question how other Handlers do this at the table:

After you attack, disarm, pin, or make a called shot you are opposing all Unarmed Combat and Melee Attacks until your next turn (p. 54).

A attacks B and rolls a 57 of 60 on his Unarmed Combat skill. He hits B and inflicts damage. Later in that round A is attacked by C with a Melee Attack. Do you let A roll again or take the 57 to oppose C which A has previously rolled?


Again thanks for any shared thoughts.

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How I would run it...
Dodge (example):  Agent A opens fire upon Defender B in an alley. B announces he's diving for cover behind a steel rubbish bin, and rolls his Dodge opposed to A's Firearms roll.  If B wins, A misses and B is now under cover.  If A wins, B is hit by the attack but still makes it behind cover.**  B leaves his Dodge dice on the table to oppose further shots this round from Shooters C, D, etc.  Furthermore, Thug E stands near the bin armed with a knife.  E can make a hand-to-hand attack against B on her turn, which will also be opposed by B's Dodge roll since B sees her attack coming.
Exceptions:  1)  Shooter F is firing from behind B, so the dumpster isn't in the way and cover wouldn't apply (alternately, if B is aware of F, the Handler can rule that B's dodge roll stands but at -20 against this particular attack).
2)  Unbeknownst to B, Zombie Z is inside the rubbish bin, and can now crawl out and make a hand-to-hand attack on its turn.  B didn't see Z so Dodge does not apply.
** 3)  If A's original opposed roll beats B and the damage brings him to 2 HP or less, B falls unconscious.  I would give B's player a DEXx5 roll to let B make it behind cover before passing out.  Thereafter, B can't Dodge but is Under Cover, so attackers on the far side of the bin should be asked to make called shots to hit B.
Hand-to-Hand Attack:  I think your version is correct.  Agent A declares an [attack, called shot, disarm, or pin] against B and hits with a roll of 57.  The 57 now stands as an opposed roll against all future close-range attacks this round that A can see coming.  (If A's action was a Called Shot, then the penalty is applied first). If attacker C is using a firearm but is within reach, the Handler rules whether A is able to defend himself by knocking the gun barrel aside, or what have you, but C wouldn't lose the gun unless she was the original target of a Disarm attack.

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