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Crowd Funders & Promotions

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Posts announcing crowd funders, Kickstarters and promotions etc., are very welcome in the Arkham Market Square forum, as are updates on progress, however due to some ... over-zealous... use of the facility (especially by those whose only contribution to the community seems to be their crowd funder) - creators/promoters are now asked to keep to a limit of five posts regarding their crowd funder or commercial promotion - this is to help it not feel like spam, i.e. it's usually best to update when there is something significant to report.

Exemptions to this limit are available to members holding site supporter accounts. Please contact me to discuss.

Either way, if you're crowd funding or promoting your commercial activities please try to be considerate of your fellow site members when posting about your project. Everyone wants you to succeed but I'm sure no one (including you) wants your activities to feel like spam!


Thank you.

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