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Middle-age Cthulhu players wanted - Lothian & Borders (Scotland)

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Our wee group is looking for a couple of players to play and take turns at running Cthulhu based games. Mostly 6 and 7eds, but also Trail of Cthulhu, The Cthulhu Hack, Achtung Cthulhu and Delta Green. The emphasis is on atmosphere and narrative, rather than car chases and shoot-outs.

We try and play every two weeks with an online game every 3rd session to make things a little easier to arrange. When we can we also like to rotate the Keeper to take the prepping strain off a bit. Although we play occasionally with a couple of younger players, we'd really like to get a couple of old sods who like to play 'the classic game' and have got a bit of life under their belt . . . not just experience points!

We also try and alternate the venue, between my home near Peebles in the Borders and the boardroom in my office in Edinburgh, so that the travelling is also shared a bit.

We've also been planning to run classic Traveller, Symbaroum and The One Ring but haven't quite managed to find the time, but it might just happen one of these days.

If you fancy a game, or are looking for players yourself, please get in touch.



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New players, keepers




Sorry Gav, added wrong comment as interface on my phone isn't clear on how to reply on my phone.


I saw the post and might well be interested. I live in Edinburgh and currently active in both CoC and ToC with a couple of groups, both online and face to face. Can I ask what day of the week you normally play and where is your boardroom in Edinburgh?


I both play and run games,a variety of 6th ed and have a 7th ed game coming up. I'm currently in a playtest group run by Scott Dorward for ToC, which is alot if fun.


The other group comprises some friends I originally played CoC with back 25 years ago....im 41 btw, and some new online players.


I'd be keen to do more face to face and try other systems too, as we generally only play Cthulhu games.


Cheers, Dave

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Hi Gavin, can you email me on herkalion@gmail.com please so I can respond direct. My work blocks YSDC so I have to reply via my phone internet explorer. I can respond direct via email, which will be easier.


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