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Urgently Wanted: NEW AEON investigators

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Hi everyone, 


I'm looking for some of the investigators from the NEW AEON expansion. These were available in the STARTER DECKS only, though I think they may also have been included in booster boxes as a sealed set of five?


Most important to me is:  

 - Trigger-Happy Mercenary/Sardonic Serpentman
But I'm also interested in the following:

 - Obsessed Federal Agent/Obsessed Agent in Mi-Go Braincase

 - Pallid Programmer/Deep-One Hybrid
 - Skeptical Pathologist/Grinning Ghoul

There must be a LOT of NEW AEON cards out there in storage, or in a box in your attic. Do you have any?



Please drop me a line here. I'm happy to trade for MYTHOS / BLOOD WARS / ILLUMINATI (INWO), but I'm also happy to buy. 



Thanks, John



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Thanks for your help, everyone.


Just the TRIGGER-HAPPY MERCENARY/SARDONIC SERPENTMAN investigator card needed now! 


inv_naeon_005.jpg inv_naeon_003.jpg


Anyone remember having one of these? 


Thanks, John

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