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The Witch (2016) [Spoilers]

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Thanks, Badger! :)


For the record, I've been (slowly, far too slowly) digging up as many "Lovecraftian" movies as I can track down and watch, and I'm about halfway through cataloguing them in the YSDC Wiki, and I definitely included The Witch in the list.


In fact, the absolute least Lovecraftian film I've included (so far) was, actually, a 1968 film sometimes called Necronomicon, which turns out to be an art-psychedelic-softcore-porn film with almost nothing to do with Lovecraft beyond the title, and appears so far to be about as non-Lovecraftian as a film can possibly get and still appear on a list of "Lovecraftian" movies, though Nyarlathotep knows I still haven't seen some other infamous entries yet, such as Cthulhu Mansion, so I suppose it's possible for that lower-end standard to get even lower.  In any event, The Witch was a film that I didn't find especially Lovecraftian, but it's definitely more so than some of the entries in that list, and I'd recommend it over many alleged adaptations of Lovecraft stories I've seen over the last couple months!

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Just watched this last weekend .... loved it ... My 2 cents worth ... I highly recommend 'The Witch' to any Keeper and/or players who may be getting ready to run/play in Pagan Publishing/YSDC's 'Devil's Children.'  I had prepped 'DC' to run for my group as a Halloween session, but the session fell through. After watching 'The Witch' I'm extra motivated to run 'DC' some time soon anyway. You really get a feeling for the dread and despair and the setting/period is so evocative ... it was very inspiring. Highly recommended!

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