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Robert E. Howard's mythos

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"From the time when the earth was too hot to support human life to the time when it will be too cold, will be a mere instant in the earth’s history, compared to the millions of years before and the millions of years after man’s complete disappearance from its face. Man is an elemental being, bound by the same basic and fundamental rules which bind all elements. He is cursed with a consciousness of Life, a blessing which is a curse, as are all such blessings. He realizes his inability to control his own destiny and he rebels. He demands a special creative act, a kinship to Deity, a life and an afterlife entirely different from the rest of earth’s creatures. He rants and he roars, he boasts and he shouts, but after all, after all his self glorifying, he dies and the chemicals in his body disintegrate back to the elements which produced him."

-- Robert E. Howard to Harold Preece, 1928

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