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Some thoughts on the Tupsimati in Cthulhu Dark Ages

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In a prologue I thought of, I wanted to start a game where you played as one of Cthulhu's Starspawn using Savage Species (DnD) rules.


When Xoth was destroyed, Cthulhu (the leader) and some surviving Xothians fled to a habitable planet that was then primordial earth. He wrote on stone tablets (the Tupsimati)

his log on his search for a planet, the management of his colony of Xothians on earth and the struggles they face, etc.


In d20, Cthulhu is but a demigod along with Hastur. Hastur was a almost-human king of the Land of Leng and from his basalt castle he led the Men of Leng (who were then also almost-human) on a prosperous age and yadda-yadda.


Then the Crawling Chaos came (who is an actual deity) and whispered the teachings of Azathoth to Cthulhu who was then given power for a terrible price. He then was driven mad and became a high priest of ultimate chaos. His starspawn are also driven mad and the PC has to flee R'lyeh before Cthulhu casts an insane spell that has multiple eccentric effects. (sinking his possibly artificial island and putting him in a death-like sleep)


He flees to Leng where he warns King Hastur of the imminent threat from beyond the stars. King Hastur is suspicious and soon discovers that he isn't almost-human. (he wore a disguise to cover his alien appearance) King Hastur orders his capture but the PC casts a quick spell and horribly disfigures King Hastur, who then pursues him around the world and eventually getting tempted himself by Nyarlathotep who twists his people and him, giving power to his coat-of-arms. (The Yellow Sign)


The PC then flees to a location in the darkest corners of the earth where he writes the second tablet of the Tupsimati and eventually goes mad himself and becomes its guardian.


Also, about the Dreamlands: In the Mythos timeline, there's an entry of Sarnath getting destroyed. Does this mean that the places in the Dreamlands were once actual places and that their memory was so strong in the minds of those who lived in those times that they became immortalized in that dimension?


Do you guys have other theories we can use as possible SAN blasting revelations?

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