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[Kickstarter] Shadows of Esteren

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Hi everyone,


The new KS for SoE enters its last days: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1176616619/shadows-of-esteren-a-medieval-horror-rpg-occultism


Shadows of Esteren is a medieval role-playing game, with a horrific and gothic influence. Drawing inspiration from Celtic myths, this universe has a discreetly fantastic side hidden under a bleak, realistic surface. This world is populated with humans who have to cope with tough daily lives, and face a supernatural threat lurking in the dark. With the focus of its adventures being investigation and survival, Shadows of Esteren favor an immersive mood and interactions among the Players.


Our new book is about Occultism:


The KS reached $100K this morning and unlocked the 10th stretch goal: backers will receive a gastronomic Esteren menu imagined by the team of GastronoGeek and the French Chef Maxime Leonard. A previous goal unblocked a set of beautiful art prints from Yoann Lossel.

Pictuce of a recipe made by Gastronogeek:


One a the art print from the unlocked set:


Enjoy :)

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