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Dark Ages visualisation

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Here's a cool little video visualisation of what a particular (and sizable) viking settlement may have looked like around 900 AD:




A little glossary of Danish terms used, might be useful:


Havn - harbour

Handelsplads - trade station

Kongsgård - literally King's Farm/Yard, in later times this would be: castle or manor. Whether the chieftains that lived there were recognized as 'kings' is open for debate.

Udgravningsfelt - excavation field

Grubehuse - "pit houses"

Midlertidige boliger - temporary dwellings

Grundplan - plan/map

Vikingetid - viking age

Hal - great hall

Bolig - dwelling

Kulthus - "cult house"/temple

Fund fra kultområdet - finds from the cultic area

Tissøringen - the Tissø Ring (1.83 kg, or 4 lbs of solid gold!)

Ofrede våben - sacrificed ("offered") weapons

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Banshee - Many thanks for sharing that video. Being able to visualise a Dark Ages settlement, like that just adds so many layers to a CDA campaign. It's also a spooky synchronisation because I have been toying with a CDA campaign this week, and just today decided to start brainstorming.


And so, in a 35 minute train ride home, have been inspired to write the outlines for 6 scenarios - which is not a bad start! lol.


I am personally inspired by the New Forest in the UK (I am English), probably around the 1000AD mark - so late Saxon.


I am imagining an exorcist priest, his bodyguard, and a local woodsman as guide as a start. As my post - "Gaslight occulted"-  I am toying also with a non-Mythos campaign, using UK folklore and myth to create my opposition. 


So Demons, Seelie/Unseelie, Revenants, Black Dogs, Hobgoblins, Witches, Sorcerers will abound. As will fairy rings, burial mounds and standing stones etc

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