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Resources for a Late Antique to Renaissance Game

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I have lately begun doing research into a historical European RuneQuest 6 campaign, set somewhere between the 6th and 14th centuries (yeah, that's a pretty broad range - better than my 500-1650 span previously!). In pursuit of this I've collected many d100 books set in the period as well as several other roleplaying games which focus on authentic medievalism.


Here is a link I wanted to put up, both because I think CoC Dark Ages/Invictus players might find use in it and because I'm hoping you might direct me toward some sources I'm unaware of.


These are selected on the basis of their d100 mechanics or, in the case of non-d100 games, for their utility in establishing specifics of the setting [i.e., fluff[.


Here is the link.

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