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[Fate] Common Old One Traits/aspects

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So my friends and I have been playing a Fate-based (faterpg.com) 1920's Cthulhu game for a while now. One day, we might have enough of it fleshed out to share.


Anyway, I'd like to develop a set of basic rules that the group can use to collaboratively (players and GM) create an Old One that the campaign can center around. The idea would be that the Old One created wouldn't necessarily dominate the story, but would at the least, "color" the campaign.


Since we are using Fate, I thought the group could create Aspects for the Old One but I'd like to get some feedback on what you think some of the common traits the Old Ones share are.


Here is what I have:


Name & concept


They seem to all have a name that we know them by, although different cultures of people may have different names for the same old one. They seem to have a base concept or archetype as well. Lord of the Deep, kind of concept.


Sleeping or Imprisoned


Something usually keeps them from having a direct influence on the world. They are sleeping, banished, or trapped--waiting for just the right moment to take action.


Children & Worshipers


The Old Ones have children or worshipers that are identified with them. I.E. Cthulhu -> Dagon -> Deep Ones.




It would be a good idea to have some notes on how the Old One and it's "children" have influenced the current state of the setting.


Am I missing anything major? That you think should be considered in creating an Old One from scratch?



Mike Oliver

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By their smell will ye know them

Doe not call up Any that you can not put downe

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