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Mythos cards wanted

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I am looking for the following Mythos cards ( mainly New Aeons but with a couple of odd ones in for good measure):

Bulletproof Vest
Chrysler Building
Colour Out Of Space
Delta Green, Alpha Squad
Diabolical Cultist / Obsequious Televangelist
Dr. Carl Jung
Evoke Doppleganger
Fish-Head Rock
Frivolous Lawsuit
G.G. D'Arn
Grasp Of Cthulhu
Henri Zann
Hitman from Medellin
Its Full Of Stars!
Maison Nationale De Santé
Motion Sickness
Nuclear Winter
Obsessed Federal Agent / Obsessed Agent in a Mi-Go Braincase
Out Of My Mind
Pallid Programmer / Deep-One Hybrid
Regalia of the Outer Gods
Shariil Sophast
Shoggoth Lord
Skeptical Pathologist / Grinning Ghoul
Space Suit
Stealth Fighter
Temporal Lash
Trigger-Happy Mercenary / Sardonic Serpentman
Yithian Psychic Possession
Yog Sothoth
Yucca Mountain Project
Yuggoth Attacks!

Enthusiastic Chorus Girl / Unacknowledged Author
Even Stranger Case of Charles Fort

The Unnameable House

Ideally, I would like to trade but I will buy if needed; I have plenty of cards for trade although only a few from New Aeons.

Drop me an email and lets see what we can do! :D

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I have completed this collection now. :D

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Hi TassieTone!


Congratulations on completing your collection. 


Do you still have any NEW AEON cards for trade? 


I'm particularly after the investigators from this set: 

 - Trigger-Happy Mercenary/Sardonic Serpentman

 - Obsessed Federal Agent/Obsessed Agent in Mi-Go Braincase
 - Pallid Programmer/Deep-One Hybrid
 - Skeptical Pathologist/Grinning Ghoul
Thanks, John

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