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[Cthulhupulp!] Things you'd want in a WW2 supplement....

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Out of curiousity guys, I was interested in knowing what sort of things you might like in a supplement that deals with WW2. As the setting for Seraphim Guard's Lovecraft book we might be releasing later (and more 'hardline with WW2' works).


While there's been no talks about developing stuff for Delta Green jointly, though its been suggested, there's plenty of other stuff out there from Stalin's werewolves to Japanese Imperial use of the Mythos.


Also one secret society that is going in and out of the book quite randomly in the United States' special occult division for use of the Mythos founded independently of Delta Green.


(For the purposes of writing Cthulhu-I like to assume all Chaosium and Pagan stuff has occurred even if don't reference it)

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