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[Cthulhutech] Adventure Seeds

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Hey guys!


I thought it might be fun to create a page devoted to creating Cthulhutech adventures to expand the storyline somewhat.


Because I'm already doing the game via timeline and D20 build up to the actual War, I thought you'd appreciate the games we've already been running.


Basically here is the place to give your ideas on how you intend to use it and what to use during it.


Our first adventure went something akin to this...




The King and Yellow has often been unfilmable due to the problem of the fact it requires time travel and impossible to produce by human insturments sounds.


The story itself that chronicles Hastur's rise to the status of Great Old One and how he betrayed his entire species unto death, an autobiography no less, is a story that the desperately alchoholic television executive Daniel Peterson wants to display to ruin the network that destroyed his news career.


Things are going BADLY in the war against the Nazzadi and he's been physically threatened with violence if he publishes anything of the truth anymore about how likely the Earth will be overrun in a year's time. That was then he recieved the most mind-numbingly &@*@(@ up submission from an anonymous source he ever read in the mail.


Daniel decides thus to sink his network NEG TV-1 by showing the thing on national broadcast. He overcomes the time travel bits and problems by using entirely CGI actors and computers to replicate the music. Little does he know that when performed PROPERLY the King in Yellow literally ends the world.


As an additional cavaet, it must be played before an audience of at least 13,000,000 but that's the joys of TV


The players themselves are involved by the fact that a substantial number of sucides and random acts of violence are occurring. The players slowly discover all the actions are the results of people who had been 'test screened' for the King in Yellow.


The players eventually track down the performance even as they discover the Nazzadi are also sending their agents to try and disrupt the play. The Mi-Go aren' sure what their readings are detecting but the sort of readings they are getting indicates something is wrong.


Shoot outs aplenty occur with super powerful troopers no doubt and other action scenes


The studio itself is no help at all since all the actors are digital though the entire place is starting to get noxious and suitably creepy (the building being eroded by the play's blapshemous language being piped in). The programmers are totally insane though. While the Cult of Hastur (who sent the copy of course) is calling an end to their early investigation through the NEG government.


The players must disrupt the broadcasting somehow and the Nazzadi are willing to help. If they are to permanently put a stop to this play, they must actually face NEG arcano-mech on the side of the "Enemy" who under the Cult of Hastur are working to protect the broadcast.


More subtle methods may yet work but the Nazzadi have a fleet of warships over the capital ready to reduce it to dust after making a daring raid past earth's defenses to just attack this.


And Hastur LOVES an auidence.

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