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Just saw new Dawn of the Dead--

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Never heard of Richard Cheese before, but I did like his spin on that overplayed crap-rock classic 'Down with the sickness'.

I have a few other songs that I love to hate that need to be taken down a notch or two-

'Bodies hit da' floor' by ?

And my two all time most hated songs that received airplay-

'Cult of Personality' by Living Color


'Epic' by Faith No More.

Please tell me these songs have been given the Dick Cheese treatment.

*Real dream...Diamanda Galas doing 'Bodies' or 'Down with the sickness' It would be awesome.


Sadly, he doesn't cover any of these. His last album does have a great version of a Limp Bizkit song though (speaking of overplayed crap-rock).

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In our game last saturday we fought a lot of zombies. My GM uses

minatures, and one of them was a female zombie in a pink dress.

We decided her name was Donna. Donna the Dead. Many yucks were

had all around.

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