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Masks of Nyarlathotep 22: Kenya

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The Mountain of the Black Wind


Kenya: April, 1925. After camping at the Corrupt Ground, the group head towards the Mountain of the Black wind. An encounter with a group of cultists leads to a shootout, and tragedy for both groups of combatants.


Our surviving heroes discover an encampment at the base of the mountain, and are soon extremely grateful for the time that Gerald spent feeding his pet chameleon. The group enter the heart of darkness in Kenya with nothing but their skills, their wits, and a donkey. Regretting their negligence in failing to bring along a certain porcine mining item, the party discover the Russian "Explorer" Clementi Popavich amongst a group of prisoners taken by the cult.


Edging deeper into the mountain, the party are forced to abandon their donkey, and discover an enormous, cancerous temple, and the "United Nations of cultists."


Hugo explains that perfect planning prevents poor performance in vital situations such as this. Unfortunately, the plan is not as perfect as it might be.

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