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Masks of Nyarlathotep 21: Kenya

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The Morrison Expedition


Nairobi: April 1925. The party return to Nairobi to restock for their upcoming expedition, and to further investigate Mr. Singh's tea shop, whilst Olivia sends Maddy on a mini-adventure with a camel trader.


An unpleasant discovery in the basement of the tea shop leads to the arrest of Mr. Singh. "Stephen" has disturbing dreams after an unfortunate accident with his mask, and develops an aversion to wearing it any further. Olivia entrances Hugo with her feminine wiles.


Our heroes prepare for their trip to central Kenya, and take Nails Nelson with them as a guide. After an overnight stay in a native village, the group head towards the "Corrupt Ground" – the site where the Carlylse Expedition came to its tragic end. Gerald reveals his secret to Hugo, and comes to understand the true meaning of the word sunburn.


Nails has an unpleasant wilderness encounter, and manages to survive Emily Jones's less-than-tender nursing, and after returning him to the village, the party spend the night on the fringes of the Corrupt Ground.

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