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Masks of Nyarlathotep 20: Kenya

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Tea in Nairobi


Nairobi: April 1925. The group head to the Valiant Soldier bar in order to meet with Nails Nelson. Several rounds of drinks later, Nails enters, but unfortunately half the party is no longer in a fit state to interview him.


After a brief chat with Nails, the group return to their hotel, past a terrible fire at the Highland, the only other hotel of note in Nairobi.


The following day, the party (some with mysterious headaches) pay a visit to Tandoor Singh's tea shop, where they encounter several men wearing headbands that are unpleasantly familiar to Maddy and Emily. During a meeting with Mr. Singh and some impromptu tea-tasting, Olivia once again demonstrates her unconventional manners, and is escorted back to the hotel by Emily for some "rest". Maddy voices her opinions on cultists and tea-drinking.


Our heroes next decide to visit Johnstone Kenyatta, who is sympathetic to their cause and leads and agrees to help. One ride in a Rolls Royce later, the party encounter a wizened old man by the name of Bundari. They learn much about the Cult of the Bloody Tongue and the Mountain of the Black Wind, and receive some unusual gifts.

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