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Masks of Nyarlathotep 12: Cairo

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Girdles and ghoulishness


After spending the morning resting and developing the photos, our heroes return to tell their tale to Dr. Kafour. The good doctor says that the bas-relief fortells the birth of the child of Nyarlathotep within the Mountain of the Black Wind. He also identifies the fragments as a magical symbol called the Eye of Light and Darkness.


Remembering that the Brotherhood of The Black Pharaoh was rumoured to be seeking an item guarded at the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the party make their way there. After trying hints and insinuations, they finally speak of their fight against the Brotherhood and are led to the nazir of the mosque, Achmed Zehavi. He reveals that the Brotherhood seeks the Girdle of Nitocris which, when combined with her Crown and Necklace will resurrect her. Fortunately, the Girdle is well guarded underground by many men with scimtars.


Unfortunately, the next morning, the newspaper reports the mosque has been attacked. An injured Achmed Zehavi relates how the ground underneath the crypt gave way and how a horrible monster attacked the guards. They find some "leftovers" down in the hole. Returning to Dr. Kafour, they are able to identify the creature as a mysterious worm-like entity known as a Chthonian. He has also consulted an astronomer, who has determined the map is that of a solar eclipse which will happen on the 14th of January, 1926. The doctor also says the Crown and Necklace have been lost to history.

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