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Masks of Nyarlathotep 11: Cairo

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The Black Pharaoh


Cairo - February, 1925. After a rousing breakfast including pigs in blankets (pancakes wrapped around sausages), our heroes head off to the Egyptian Museum. The clerk at the Inquiries Desk sends Maddy to Dr. Ali Kafour. He explains the sinister story of the pharaoh Nephren-Ka and The Black Pharaoh, also known as Nyarlathotep. He also speculates that the mummy stolen from the Clive Expedition was that of Queen Nitocris. Reunited with Maddy, our heroes even get look at a copy of the original Kitab Al-Azif.


Entering via a passage into the Bent Pyramid at Dhashur, the party discovers a secret room. They unwisely light the lamps and are visited by The Black Pharaoh himself! He shows them strange and horrifying visions, then leaves them to ponder over the meaning of a puzzling map and a mysterious bas-relief.


Taking a quick jaunt to the Red Pyramid, they discover a carved symbol that looks like an eye combined with an ankh, but it has been smashed to pieces.

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