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Masks of Nyarlathotep 10: Cairo

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Cairo, city of secrets


This episode begins with Emily trying to teach Gerald – William Forsythe's man – to iron. The next morning the party looks for the shop of Faraz Najir. They find his shop is a pile of rubble and begin a search for his new shop after hearing rumours of fire demons. When they find Faraz Najir, they ask him about the Carlyle expedition, but he refuses to answer their questions and kicks them out of his shop. They decide to return to Faraz's shop under cover of darkness.


Meanwhile the investigators ride camels around the pyramids, visit the sphinx, and briefly travel inside a pyramid in search of secret passages (they find none). After a fine meal at their guide's cousin's shop they return to Faraz's shop, break in, and bribe him for information. He agrees to a secret meeting the next day where he tells them about a secret passage in a pyramid, that the Brotherhood of The Black Pharaoh is still active, the Clive Expedition is digging in Egypt, and gives them the name Warren Besart.


The party finds Warren Besart at his shop, in a drug-induced stupor. They rouse him enough to get some information about the Carlyle expedition and hear a story of the horrors he witnessed while acting as their translator.

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