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Masks of Nyarlathotep 09: London

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Third time's the charm


The party splits up. Most head to Brighton, while Anthony Goodlight and Maddy Morrison travel to London. Before going their separate ways, the party spends a long time discussing the many ridiculous pieces of equipment they'd like to bring on their travels in Egypt. They go to Fortnum & Mason and Harrods to gear up.


In London, Maddy Morrison finds a bronze-worker to make a disk for her. In the meantime, Anthony Goodlight tries to sneak into the back of the spice shop to eliminate Tewfik al-Sayed. When he accidentally breaks the window and attracts Tewfik's attention, Anthony shoots the evil man.


Our heroic librarian then flees the police and loops back to search the shop for the deadly mirror. Unfortunately he is caught by a large group of cultists and meets his demise at their hands. And feet. And clubs.


The players, having completed the London chapter, roll their skill checks and such, and the investigators make preparations to leave for Port Said by boat. Paul introduces a new character: Stephen Hawksmoor, Egyptologist and veteran of WWI – whom the rest of the party meets on the cruise to Egypt. While on board, the investigators enjoy skeet shooting, ballroom dancing, and competitive eating.


After a week on board the ship, the party arrives in Port Said. They make a stop at the post office after dropping off their things and checking into their hotel. William Forsythe checks in with his superior officer at the garrison and is told that he can take a man from the ranks to aid him.

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