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Masks of Nyarlathotep 07-08: London

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Lesser-Edale lost...


The party became convinced that Arthur Vane was a werewolf. They converted many silver six-pence pieces into shotgun shells and made a night visit to Castle Plum to fight the werewolf. After defeating it the investigators were stunned when the creature reverted back to human form to reveal Eloise Vane. While they were disposing of the body, the Vane men attacked them, seeking vengeance for their sister, and were killed by the investigators.


The players review which tomes their investigators are reading while they return to London to "D&D" up before heading off to Harwich in search of a truck mentioned at the Blue Pyramid club.


While following the truck they discover a stele. From afar they can hear the sounds of drumming, chanting, thumping, and screaming. They see a familiar face, and run in, guns blazing. During the fray something was summoned and it begins to attack the investigators. The party turns tail and runs, but not before Lord Shaftsbury Forsythe meets his demise from the jaws of the giant "dragon bird". Gone mad from the horrific scene, Anthony Goodlight wanders aimlessly, hallucinating, until Emily Jones finds him in the morning.


After escaping the carnage and craziness at the stele, the party decides it would be safer not to stay at Lord Shaftsbury's estate again. They contact Peter Smythe and travel to Lesser-Edale to stay with him. Maddy explains the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Smythe's friend Lord Forsythe and the group makes the acquaintance of William Forsythe, Lord Shaftsbury's military cousin.


William has an upcoming post in Egypt, and after an excellent summary of their adventures so far, the investigators use this opportunity to leave England and continue their investigation.

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