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Masks of Nyarlathotep 06: London

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Lesser-Edale on the trail of The Beast


The party arrives in Derby, Leicester to meet with Lord Peter Fortesque Smythe and to investigate a possible link between murders in Lesser-Edale and the death of Maddy's good friend Jackson Elias.


The investigators ask about the Carlyle expedition and are told to talk to Sir Arthur Vane at Castle Plum. There they meet him and his son, Lawrence. After talking with them and interviewing a constable the party becomes convinced that the murders in Lesser-Edale are the work of a werewolf.


Anthony Goodlight doesn't believe in such fantastic creatures and sets out to prove that they are simply imaginary by casting a spell he learned in one of the occult tomes the party acquired. His attempt fails. However, Lord Shaftsbury Forsythe, dabbler in the occult that he is, manages to succeed at the spell. While the ladies are trying cigars, Lord Shaftsbury goes mad after proving that Anthony was wrong, and that there really are horrible beasts and monsters in the world.

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