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Horror on the Orient Express 25: Belgrade

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Saint Valentine's Day Massacre?


Yugoslavia, 1925. The party stay overnight in Oraszac. After breakfast, the Colonel receives a present and an awkward social situation from a new friend. After a discussion of dressings and dressing changes, the party is ready to go into the woods today, searching for the right arm of the Simulacrum.


Deep in the woods the group find a strange hut, wherein the Colonel expresses a previously unmentioned interest in tapestries. Milos displays his pulling power when he finds the item that the party seek, but the party’s triumph rapidly turns to horror when the inhabitants of the hut display their true nature.

Fleeing the scene, the Colonel’s present only adds to our heroes troubles, and Violet is forced to face up to some unpleasantness.


Further tragedy awaits them upon their return to Oraszac, and they seek sanctuary in the church of Father Filopovic.


The following morning finds our group safe, if not necessarily sound, on board the Orient Express once more, bound for Sofia. Pursuit is never far behind but a ribbon of iron proves the group’s salvation, and Grace is finally free to complete her studies into arcane knowledge, learning the dark secrets and the terrible price of the mysterious Body Warping of Gorgoroth...

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