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Horror on the Orient Express 33: Constantinople

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About This File

Darkest before the Dawn


Our heroes, minus one member, accompany Aktar on a stealthy trip into the Shunned Mosque. Aktar has time to regret his choice of companions on a short trip in a rowing boat.


Within the bowels of the Mosque, Mary further hones her skills with a sub-machine gun, whilst the Colonel displays the somewhat surprising ninja prowess of a one-eyed geriatric with a gammy leg. After a brief perusal of mysterious potions, the group are soon cunningly disguised amongst many cultists, and are once more betrayed and captured.


Our heroes witness the return of Makryat and the loss of the Simulacrum before they are re-united with a more-or-less complete old friend, and a much-less-complete even older one.


Despite Max's best efforts, our heroes are subjected to a long monologue as Makryat gloats at them in their cell, and they learn something of the dreadful fate that awaits them.


Events prove that it is always darkest before the dawn, however, and soon the party is once more contemplating a journey across Europe...


We also learn something of the Professor's taste in women (blue veined, mature, with a waxy coating).

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