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Horror on the Orient Express 15: Venice

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Bedhops & lockpicks


The party decide to head to the graveyard island in Venice, where they encounter an intermittently-accented gravedigger and uncover the headstone of Alvise Gremanci.


Mrs. Sunderland takes solace from her grief in alcohol, aided by Dr. Winstanley (apparently sponsored by the Pimm's corporation).


Led by clues from Alvise's gravestone, the group head to the famous Gremanci doll's house, where after some bartering with the aged Mr. Gremanci and a peculiar request from the Colonel, the party are invited to dinner by the slightly younger Sebastiano Gremanci.


At the dinner party, our heroes learn more about the history of the sorcerous Alvise, but are too distracted with their own social scheming to pay much attention. Grace gets Dr. Winstanley drunk for her own nefarious purposes, whilst Mrs. Sunderland manages to get drunk all by herself (despite Violet's best efforts).


An eventful dinner party leads to an eventful night, and there are some awkward silences over breakfast the following morning.

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