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Horror on the Orient Express 21: Trieste

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The Hamper House of Horror


Trieste, 1925. The party head for the spectacular caves of the Grotti di Postumia, and secure the services of a local tour guide. Descending into the dank bowels of the Earth, the investigators are attacked by their guide and his disreputable colleagues who seek the Colonel’s new medallion for some dark arcane purpose. They in turn are attacked by a gang of fez wearing Turks and a large fire fight ensues, during which several party members are wounded, heroically. They flee under cover of darkness and the noise of combat. After some time they find a foreboding hidden chamber containing a large subterranean lake. Suddenly they are accosted by some immense telepathic power which instructs them to leave the medallion and go, so after some quick bartering Mrs. Sunderland throws the medallion into the heart of the lake, much to the upset of the Colonel. Searching the piles of occult paraphernalia and discarded offerings around the lake they eventually stumble upon a leg of the simulacrum and free it from its covering of flowstone. They flee on foot and are followed by the guides who are once again ambushed by Turks allowing the party to escape. Hurrying towards the town a 3rd fight breaks out leaving both sides heavily wounded while Mrs. Sunderland and party slip off into a waiting taxi and safety. Back in Trieste, they make rapid plans to depart on the Orient Express, pack and board the train.

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