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Horror on the Orient Express 29: Train

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Mary reveals her secret to Milos, who secures her new official papers with some well-judged words, and lots of money. Violet goes shopping for drugs.


The party discusses what to do with the portions of the simulacrum, and a decision is reached. Re-boarding the Orient Express, the group head towards their final destination: Constantinople.


They are not fated to reach it without incident, however. Whilst renewing their acquaintance with the good Dr. Gaspari over an evening meal, tragedy strikes. A terrible battle follows leading to an unskilled but effective use of a machine gun. Mrs. Sunderland is forced to perform an unpleasant task.


The party barricade themselves within Mrs. Sunderland's cabin, unfortunately leaving some passengers to meet their end at the hands of their frightful nemesis. Mrs. Sunderland reveals some of her recent activities, and calls on the help of a powerful ally, to no avail. An idea by the Colonel and herbal delivery lead to a sanity-shaking melee in the corridor.

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