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Horror on the Orient Express 19: Trieste

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Hotel California


Trieste, 1925. Our brave group visits the local branch of the House of Ausperg in order to track down Dr. Winckelmann's collection of medallions, pausing en route only to note the passing of a tall, thin man whose hair is a shock of red with a single lock of black. Herr Ausperg reports that his famous auction house was indeed involved in the sale of Winckelmann's diary, to a member of the Termona family. The party visits Antoni Termona, who lends them the diary. After careful study, they manage to translate some of the diary's Greek text but there is one passage that, while apparently significant, still eludes them and yet seems strangely familiar to Grace Murphy...


That evening, while the Colonel stays in his room, the rest of the party enjoy the luxurious surroundings of the hotel restaurant. While they are eating, the hotel lights go out and the party in the restaurant are assailed by mysterious events. Dr. Winstanley, in a fit of pique, argues with the restaurant staff and the Colonel demonstrates his prowess with a pistol.

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