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Horror on the Orient Express 22: Train

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More than one way to skin a cat


Trieste, 1925. Travelling to Belgrade the investigators meet the Lady Margaret Bramwell, who bears an uncanny resemblance for Mrs. Sunderland. After dinner, chit chat, and pinked Gin the ladies retire but the Colonel, Grace and Milos stay in the bar and restaurant area. Mrs. Sunderland discovers someone somehow has placed a packet on her bed and finds a letter from the Duc des Esseintes and a ritual explaining how to contact him via candle magick.


The Duc and Mrs. Sunderland have an extensive private conversation where he explains they are in grave danger from many interested parties and offers to help by taking possession of the simulacrum and destroying it.


Following this interlude the night is rent by a horrifying scream, and it is discovered that the doppelganger of Mrs. Sunderland has had her neck snapped and her skin flayed off. Could this ritual murder be a case of mistaken identity?

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