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Horror on the Orient Express 20: Trieste

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The longest day


Trieste, 1925. While Mrs. Sunderland and the Colonel bicker about the Duc des Esseintes and the fate of the Simulacrum, the Colonel is pushed bodily down the hotel corridor by an invisible assailant and he bursts into the door of an adjacent room. The door is opened by an incredibly ugly man: none other than Margrave Milos Vilinchek, a travelling gun salesman who quickly seizes a business opportunity by offering his new companions one of his array of fine weapons. That night, as Grace pores over the pages of the Winckelmann diary, a series of fantastic events take place: Grace's candle extinguishes and re-lights itself; flames on the fire turn blue and a wind whips up in their rooms. After another room change, there is a knock on the hotel room door and they find standing in front of them the ghost of Johann Winckelmann who tells them of some nearby caverns before leading them to an old building where they find a strange, golden medallion, in which the Colonel takes a keen interest. The following day, Mrs. Sunderland and Grace bundle the rest of the party onto a local train that takes them up to the caves. To Violet's dismay, a long walk lies ahead...

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