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Horror on the Orient Express 27: Sofia

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Paranoia, and the Eyes have it


Sofia, 1925. Col. Goodenough proves to be a less-than-ideal patient as most of our heroes experience the delights of Sofia from a hospital bed. Violet receives some bad news from the resident doctor, whilst Grace ponders her newly-acquired arcane knowledge.


Milos awakens from his coma, and fuels suspicions amongst the younger party members about Mrs. Sunderland. A week passes, during which the Col. Experiences an intensification of his disturbing visions (although he did, of course, see worse in the War).


Upon their release, the group discuss their next plan. An attempt to destroy the simulacrum is made, with surprising consequences, prompting the party to merely place the baleful artefact in a safe place.


Our heroes pay a visit to the University of Sofia in an attempt to recover the Head, but instead make a grisly discovery. Milos’s first aid technique leaves something to be desired, but he realises that every cloud has a silver lining, and takes the opportunity to perform a grim harvest for Grace’s benefit...

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