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News from Pnakotus, Jan 2018: Pi(e)

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About This File

News from Pnakotus for early January 2018, with your hosts, Paul & Marty.




Miskatonic Repository, Alone Against the Dark, London Lovecraft Festival 2018, Live from Miskatonic: Ramsey Campbell in Conversation, Cthulhu Confidential: The Shadow Over Washington and Problem and Edges Deck, Delta Green: Viscid, John Carter of Mars RPG KS, Q Workshop metal Call of Cthulhu dice, Cthulhu Tales, NfP in 3D, Cthulhu Britannica: London - Character Sheets, The Express Diaries (free), Marty and the Two-Headed Serpent, and more in this multi-dimensional edition of NfP.


Originally broadcast live from the heart of a rather chilly Yorkshire.


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