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Horror on the Orient Express 23: Belgrade

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Mrs. Sunderland's Boys

Belgrade, 1925. Before the action starts, The Bradford Players take pains to make it quite clear that this episode is performed entirely clothed (but, of course, we only have their word for it).

Upon arriving at Belgrade, Mrs. Sunderland heads out to do some research, and sends a telegram informing the family of the victim on the train of her and her cats' fate. She makes the mistake of feeding the urchins, and (despite Neil advocating killing all of them) Mrs. Sunderland hires a large boy to protect her on the way back to the hotel.

The party (after arguing over the appropriate course of action and Mrs. Sunderland's Duc obsession) heads out to the museum to discuss with Dr. Milovan Todorovic about the statuary from whence he gets his pieces.


Dr. Todorovic, feeling uneasy about giving away his source, demands a permit first. Some quick thinking and quicker cash smoothes out the process, and permit in hand they return to Dr. Todorovic who directs them to Oraszac and the priest, Father Filopovic.

Information in hand, the groups attention turns once more to shopping, where they get new sticks, have their fortunes told with eggs, and haggle for a statue's arm. At the last minute the arm is stolen by a suspicious fez-wearing individual. A chase ensues. Body surfing is invented by Mrs. Sunderland, and the arm is retrieved, although it is not a piece of the simulacrum.

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