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Horror on the Orient Express 32: Constantinople

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The episode starts in a familiar fashion – the party are graverobbing. They encounter the insane Companion of the Dead, who soon learns to regret sneaking up on the Colonel.


Within the grave of Garaznet our heroes discover a shocking sight, and soon find themselves betrayed, and held captive in a most unpleasant fashion by the Brothers of the Skin. In a fit of panic, Mrs. Sunderland reveals all. Help comes from an unexpected quarter, and the party flee to the Bosphorus, where they suffer a delayed reaction to the horrors they have just experienced.


Mrs. Sunderland shows her true feelings towards an old friend, whom no one else can see, whilst Mary Dawson becomes extremely tongue-tied. The now-rather-unstable group encounter Aktar, who has seen first-hand the terrible truth of the Brothers of the Skin, and agrees to help them enter the Shunned Mosque.

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