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Horror on the Orient Express 14: Venice

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Ahhh... Venice!


The party board the uncharacteristically late Orient Express once more, bound for Venice. On the train they encounter the recently bereaved and rather upset Maria Stagliani and her maid. Upon their arrival at Venice, Maria is set upon by an unpleasant fascist gentleman, and the party come to her aid.


Staying at the Gritti Palace, the group enjoy a night in Venice and listen to the songs from the canals. In the morning, the Colonel tucks into a delicious plate of Parma kippers, before our heroes head to the hall of records in search of the mysterious Alvise Gremanci, who brought one of the pieces of the simulacrum to Venice.


An afternoon’s searching (whilst Violet stares longingly at the nearby shops) proves fruitless, and our heroes pay a visit to Maria, only to be refused entry by her loyal maid. A meeting with her paramour Georgio later in the day reveals her tale of woe, and we learn of the fiery passion that burns within the heart of young Italian men (and exactly what the Colonel thinks of such matters).


An evening at the hotel is marred by a scream in the night and death on the canal.

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