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Masks of Nyarlathotep

A globe trotting campaign to save the world.

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  1. Masks of Nyarlathotep 26: Shanghai

    Climax on Grey Dragon Island
    Arriving at Grey Dragon Island, the party sneak stealthily towards their destiny inside a hollowed out volcano. A scuffle by a strange village leaves one of the party incapacitated, but after a food break and a perusal of the rules events are altered in the groups' favour.
    Within the volcano, riches, eldritch horror and insanity await, but can our heroes emerge victorious against the ranks of the dreaded Cthulhu Mythos?



  2. Masks of Nyarlathotep Characters

    The characters that journeyed through the Masks of Nyarlathotep, as created and run by the players.
    PDF format.



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