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Masks of Nyarlathotep

A globe trotting campaign to save the world.

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  1. Masks of Nyarlathotep 01: New York

    Your good friend, Jackson Elias
    New York: January 1925. Maddy receives a telegram from an old friend, prompting our heroes to look into the mystery of the ill-fated Carlyle Expedition. After an unusual telephone call, a meeting at the Chelsea Hotel goes badly. The party find a gruesome site in a bedroom, and discover an "orgy of evidence" (mention of which to the police is discreetly avoided).
    The party first hear of the Cult of the Bloody Tongue, and the Penhew Foundation in London. Further investigations and a visit to Emerson Imports lead our heroes to the Ju-Ju House, a Voodoo shop in Harlem...
    We also learn of a tragic golfing accident, the discovery of the photographization process, and an unusual method of pregnancy diagnosis...



  2. Masks of Nyarlathotep 00: Character Creation

    Character Creation
    We meet the investigators prior to their world-spanning adventures...
    Anthony Goodlight, educated librarian (Paul) Martha Decoy, his aspiring actress daughter (Abi) Hamilton Richards, intrepid investigator for the Bureau of Investigation (Neil) Emily Jones, psychiatric nurse (Claire) Maddy Morrison, well-proportioned photographer (Helen)
    We also learn some surprising facts about 1920s fashions for ladies' sizes, find out unusual places for concealing weaponry and discover the joys of a certain company's teacakes (too tasty to turn down!)



  3. Masks of Nyarlathotep 02: New York

    Many names, many forms... but all the same, and all towards one end...
    New York: Jan 1925. A meeting with Jonah Kensington of Prospero House leads to suspicions about the fate of members of the Carlyle Expedition, and cryptic warnings from the past.
    Martha, Anthony and Emily pay a visit to the noted Ms. Erica Carlyle, but Anthony's silver tongue fails him. Maddy returns to Carlyle house in the evening for a social occasion, and "acquires" some valuable clues.
    The group decide to head for London to follow up some clues and investigate the mysterious Penhew Foundation. A relaxing sea voyage follows, made somewhat less relaxing by the perusal of certain dark tomes...



  4. Masks of Nyarlathotep 03: London

    Dark Alleys and Dark Deeds
    London: Jan 1925. The party disembarks at Southampton and take advantage of the more relaxed British attitude to alcohol by getting drunk almost immediately, and discussing the interesting differences between American and British baked products. Upon recovery, our heroes pay a visit to Mickey Mahoney of the somewhat disreputable Scoop newspaper. A coffee-shop meeting with Inspector Barrington of Scotland Yard gives the party further leads as they begin to investigate the Egyptian Murders.
    The group next decides to approach the Penhew Foundation, where they encounter the immaculately dressed Edward Gavigan, and leave with more questions than answers. At a night-time foray to the Blue Pyramid nightclub, Anthony overhears a conversation which puts the party in peril, and a swift change of hotels is required...



  5. Masks of Nyarlathotep 04: London

    A walk in the fog...
    London: Jan 1925. Hamilton and Anthony have a confrontation with a stranger in the foyer of the Ritz. There is friction within the party over their next move after another meeting with Inspector Barrington. A visit to Tewfik al-Sayed's spice shop on Ardour street proves fruitless, so Anthony decides to indulge in a spot of breaking and entering, aided by Martha and Emily, much to Hamilton's disgust. A sticky situation in the spice shop is averted when Emily has a few choice words with the local constabulary, thankfully leading to the arrest of an innocent man.
    After further searching of the shop, and the uncovering of some mysterious artefacts, the party experiences more danger in the fog-filled streets of London, and one of our heroes comes to a soggy end in the mist.
    Another change of hotels is suggested, this time to a slightly less reputable establishment.



  6. Masks of Nyarlathotep 05: London

    The Penhew Foundations
    Still reeling from their loss, the party visit the British Museum with several artefacts "recovered" from the shop of Tewfik al-Sayed, and encounter Lord Shaftsbury Forsythe, noted Egyptologist.
    Shaftsbury proves to be most useful, and agrees to help the investigators, offering them accommodation. Before they move in, the group decide to pay an unannounced visit to the Penhew Foundation. Anthony is surprised to find the heavy gates unlocked after bumping into them with a hairpin. After some investigation, our heroes discover a hidden passage under a sarcophagus. In the chamber below, leads to Australia and Shanghai are found, and Anthony recovers some stolen property, as well as appropriating some other evidence.
    Later, the party return to their new genial host, and allow him to peruse some of their evidence, which promptly sends him insane.
    We also learn of the secret housekeeper's network, the changing shape of Ms. Lara Croft, and something of the dynastic ambitions of the Goodlight family.



  7. Masks of Nyarlathotep 06: London

    Lesser-Edale on the trail of The Beast
    The party arrives in Derby, Leicester to meet with Lord Peter Fortesque Smythe and to investigate a possible link between murders in Lesser-Edale and the death of Maddy's good friend Jackson Elias.
    The investigators ask about the Carlyle expedition and are told to talk to Sir Arthur Vane at Castle Plum. There they meet him and his son, Lawrence. After talking with them and interviewing a constable the party becomes convinced that the murders in Lesser-Edale are the work of a werewolf.
    Anthony Goodlight doesn't believe in such fantastic creatures and sets out to prove that they are simply imaginary by casting a spell he learned in one of the occult tomes the party acquired. His attempt fails. However, Lord Shaftsbury Forsythe, dabbler in the occult that he is, manages to succeed at the spell. While the ladies are trying cigars, Lord Shaftsbury goes mad after proving that Anthony was wrong, and that there really are horrible beasts and monsters in the world.



  8. Masks of Nyarlathotep 07-08: London

    Lesser-Edale lost...
    The party became convinced that Arthur Vane was a werewolf. They converted many silver six-pence pieces into shotgun shells and made a night visit to Castle Plum to fight the werewolf. After defeating it the investigators were stunned when the creature reverted back to human form to reveal Eloise Vane. While they were disposing of the body, the Vane men attacked them, seeking vengeance for their sister, and were killed by the investigators.
    The players review which tomes their investigators are reading while they return to London to "D&D" up before heading off to Harwich in search of a truck mentioned at the Blue Pyramid club.
    While following the truck they discover a stele. From afar they can hear the sounds of drumming, chanting, thumping, and screaming. They see a familiar face, and run in, guns blazing. During the fray something was summoned and it begins to attack the investigators. The party turns tail and runs, but not before Lord Shaftsbury Forsythe meets his demise from the jaws of the giant "dragon bird". Gone mad from the horrific scene, Anthony Goodlight wanders aimlessly, hallucinating, until Emily Jones finds him in the morning.
    After escaping the carnage and craziness at the stele, the party decides it would be safer not to stay at Lord Shaftsbury's estate again. They contact Peter Smythe and travel to Lesser-Edale to stay with him. Maddy explains the circumstances surrounding the death of Mr. Smythe's friend Lord Forsythe and the group makes the acquaintance of William Forsythe, Lord Shaftsbury's military cousin.
    William has an upcoming post in Egypt, and after an excellent summary of their adventures so far, the investigators use this opportunity to leave England and continue their investigation.



  9. Masks of Nyarlathotep 09: London

    Third time's the charm
    The party splits up. Most head to Brighton, while Anthony Goodlight and Maddy Morrison travel to London. Before going their separate ways, the party spends a long time discussing the many ridiculous pieces of equipment they'd like to bring on their travels in Egypt. They go to Fortnum & Mason and Harrods to gear up.
    In London, Maddy Morrison finds a bronze-worker to make a disk for her. In the meantime, Anthony Goodlight tries to sneak into the back of the spice shop to eliminate Tewfik al-Sayed. When he accidentally breaks the window and attracts Tewfik's attention, Anthony shoots the evil man.
    Our heroic librarian then flees the police and loops back to search the shop for the deadly mirror. Unfortunately he is caught by a large group of cultists and meets his demise at their hands. And feet. And clubs.
    The players, having completed the London chapter, roll their skill checks and such, and the investigators make preparations to leave for Port Said by boat. Paul introduces a new character: Stephen Hawksmoor, Egyptologist and veteran of WWI – whom the rest of the party meets on the cruise to Egypt. While on board, the investigators enjoy skeet shooting, ballroom dancing, and competitive eating.
    After a week on board the ship, the party arrives in Port Said. They make a stop at the post office after dropping off their things and checking into their hotel. William Forsythe checks in with his superior officer at the garrison and is told that he can take a man from the ranks to aid him.



  10. Masks of Nyarlathotep 10: Cairo

    Cairo, city of secrets
    This episode begins with Emily trying to teach Gerald – William Forsythe's man – to iron. The next morning the party looks for the shop of Faraz Najir. They find his shop is a pile of rubble and begin a search for his new shop after hearing rumours of fire demons. When they find Faraz Najir, they ask him about the Carlyle expedition, but he refuses to answer their questions and kicks them out of his shop. They decide to return to Faraz's shop under cover of darkness.
    Meanwhile the investigators ride camels around the pyramids, visit the sphinx, and briefly travel inside a pyramid in search of secret passages (they find none). After a fine meal at their guide's cousin's shop they return to Faraz's shop, break in, and bribe him for information. He agrees to a secret meeting the next day where he tells them about a secret passage in a pyramid, that the Brotherhood of The Black Pharaoh is still active, the Clive Expedition is digging in Egypt, and gives them the name Warren Besart.
    The party finds Warren Besart at his shop, in a drug-induced stupor. They rouse him enough to get some information about the Carlyle expedition and hear a story of the horrors he witnessed while acting as their translator.



  11. Masks of Nyarlathotep 11: Cairo

    The Black Pharaoh
    Cairo - February, 1925. After a rousing breakfast including pigs in blankets (pancakes wrapped around sausages), our heroes head off to the Egyptian Museum. The clerk at the Inquiries Desk sends Maddy to Dr. Ali Kafour. He explains the sinister story of the pharaoh Nephren-Ka and The Black Pharaoh, also known as Nyarlathotep. He also speculates that the mummy stolen from the Clive Expedition was that of Queen Nitocris. Reunited with Maddy, our heroes even get look at a copy of the original Kitab Al-Azif.
    Entering via a passage into the Bent Pyramid at Dhashur, the party discovers a secret room. They unwisely light the lamps and are visited by The Black Pharaoh himself! He shows them strange and horrifying visions, then leaves them to ponder over the meaning of a puzzling map and a mysterious bas-relief.
    Taking a quick jaunt to the Red Pyramid, they discover a carved symbol that looks like an eye combined with an ankh, but it has been smashed to pieces.



  12. Masks of Nyarlathotep 12: Cairo

    Girdles and ghoulishness
    After spending the morning resting and developing the photos, our heroes return to tell their tale to Dr. Kafour. The good doctor says that the bas-relief fortells the birth of the child of Nyarlathotep within the Mountain of the Black Wind. He also identifies the fragments as a magical symbol called the Eye of Light and Darkness.
    Remembering that the Brotherhood of The Black Pharaoh was rumoured to be seeking an item guarded at the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the party make their way there. After trying hints and insinuations, they finally speak of their fight against the Brotherhood and are led to the nazir of the mosque, Achmed Zehavi. He reveals that the Brotherhood seeks the Girdle of Nitocris which, when combined with her Crown and Necklace will resurrect her. Fortunately, the Girdle is well guarded underground by many men with scimtars.
    Unfortunately, the next morning, the newspaper reports the mosque has been attacked. An injured Achmed Zehavi relates how the ground underneath the crypt gave way and how a horrible monster attacked the guards. They find some "leftovers" down in the hole. Returning to Dr. Kafour, they are able to identify the creature as a mysterious worm-like entity known as a Chthonian. He has also consulted an astronomer, who has determined the map is that of a solar eclipse which will happen on the 14th of January, 1926. The doctor also says the Crown and Necklace have been lost to history.



  13. Masks of Nyarlathotep 13: Cairo

    You expect me to talk?
    Our heroes go to meet Janwillen Vanheuvelen, formerly of the Clive Expedition. He tells them about the other members, and about the strange disappearance of a four-ton sarcophagus in the space of only a few minutes. However, he has acquired some scrolls which he believes will make him rich. He also hates cats and is not impressed when a strange woman delivers an ultimatum to him about the scrolls. The rest of the evening is spent at their hotel.
    The next morning, the party decides to start their day with a journey to the Collapsed Pyramid at Meidum. They begin to scale the pyramid, but are interrupted by five members of the Brotherhood. Four of them are shot or stabbed to death, and the last one commits suicide whilst being interrogated. After a brief discussion and even briefer burial, they discover that all entrances to the pyramid are impassable.



  14. Masks of Nyarlathotep 14: Cairo

    Clive of Egypt
    Our heroes return to Cairo for medical treatment for the wounded Captain Forsythe. The rest of the day is spent reading books and scrolls collected from earlier adventures. Some members even learn how to summon and bind various creatures. One scroll proves to be untranslatable and is left with Dr. Kafour for him to look at.
    In the meantime, a visit is made to the Clive Expedition outside Memphis. Although the camp is protected by barbed wire and guards, the actress Martha Decoy appears to faint and is brought in to recover. Various members of the Clive Expedition give different stories about the sarcophagus containing the mummy of Queen Nitocris and how it disappeared from inside its pyramid in the space of only minutes. Miss Agatha Broadmoor believes it was spirited away with magic and confides that the Queen can be resurrected with the help of three magical items: a Crown, Necklace, and Girdle. Miss Broadmoor also says that she can communicate with spirits.
    The party visits the pyramid of Menkaura at Giza, which contained the sarcophagus of Queen Nitocris. Noting the presence of police and other authorities, they make only a cursory search; after spending some time on an unpromising lead, they do find an opening in which a long, sloping tunnel downwards can be seen. The opening is closed up, and planning for the exploration begins.



  15. Masks of Nyarlathotep 15: Cairo

    Terror in the tunnels
    Equipping themselves for a major expedition, our heroes descend into the tunnels. Tragedy quickly strikes for the brave Captain Forsythe after he is first injured by a stony rose thorn, then completely engulfed in a rock fall. Only quick digging and treament by Nurse Emily Jones prevents the gallant Captain from dying, and he is returned to the military hospital in Cairo for extended treatment.
    After collecting even more equipment, the tunnels are re-entered. The policy of always turning left is haphazardly followed, but at last a series of iron-barred cells is discovered; fortunately, they are empty. Further exploration finds a 25-foot wide staircase heading downwards. While descending, the party is attacked by a group of horrible hybrid men. Nurse Jones panics and flees, but the others hold firm and deal with the attackers.
    While retreating to the entrance, they are attacked again by more hybrids. Although hand grenades acquired by Captain Forsythe's batman Gerald fail to work, the stout party manage to overwhelm their attackers and return to the surface.



  16. Masks of Nyarlathotep 16: Cairo

    A very nice man
    Regrouping after their disastrous foray into the tunnels under the pyramid, the party are sad to discover that they lack the papier mache skills to carry out Martha's brilliant plan, and instead decide, based on clues from the Penhew Foundation, to arrange a meeting with a Mr. Omar Shakti (a very nice man). Stephen learns more of dark sorceries – or thinks that he does, anyway.
    The group pay a visit to Mr. Shakti at his cotton plantation, and the ladies are especially pleased to make his acquaintance. After a tour of the plantation, Stephen and Mr. Shakti discuss the finer points of international cotton distribution, whilst Gerald, Martha, Emily and Maddy take the opportunity to explore.
    Gerald's shady past and a mysteriously open safe give the group more leads to Shanghai and Australia, plus further evidence of the survival a member of the Carlyle Expedition.
    Taking their leave of the delightful (but possibly very evil) Omar Shakti, the party discuss their next move.

    We also learn more than is strictly necessary about ladies pantaloons.



  17. Masks of Nyarlathotep 17: Cairo

    An explosive performance
    The party start on an optimistic note as they prepare to enter the tunnels once more. Fortified by some tea-cakes and a steely determination, the players prepare for their journey. Stephen is tempted by dark sorceries but is dissuaded from using them by Maddy.
    In a surprising break with tradition, events under the pyramid do not go according to plan. Our heroes discover a large chamber and are briefly reacquainted with a very nice man and several members of the Clive Expedition. Gerald shows his mettle in critical situations, and due to the poor quality of this mettle the party are forced to flee, but their retreat is not without loss.
    Returning to Cairo, with two of the group now insane and a third even less well disposed, the battered party lick their wounds. Gerald disappears to drown his sorrows in the bars of Cairo. Stephen, now uninhibited, meddles with things man was not meant to know, and undergoes a dramatic change.
    Feeling that Cairo is now an unsafe place for them, what's left of the party book passage to Kenya.
    We also learn why you should never roll when a roll is not necessary, and why Neil is banned from touching the rest of the players' dice. And then we learn it again. And again.



  18. Masks of Nyarlathotep 18: Kenya

    Flaming Djinn
    Mombasa: March, 1925. The party arrive in Mombasa via sea-plane from Cairo, and set about shopping for bathing costumes, and visiting psychoanalysts – except Gerald, who is mortified over what happened in the tunnels, and begins drinking. A lot.
    In a gun shop, a fresh-faced Stephen encounters a young lady by the name of Olivia Trundlebutt...sorry, Trunchbull, who agrees to guide the party in their travels in Kenya. Stephen arranges a meeting with the rest of the party.
    Before this rendezvous, the group pay a visit to a Mr. Singh's import and export company, where with some smooth talking and not-so-smooth bribing they learn more of connections between London, Cairo, New York, Shanghai and Australia.

    At dinner that evening, Olivia's lack of social graces give the party some indication as to why she moved to Africa. Despite getting off on the wrong foot with...well, everyone...Olivia agrees to join the group, and the party look forward to a relaxing rail trip to Nairobi.
    With Olivia relegated to third class, and rest of the group enjoy supper in the first class compartment, until disaster once more befalls them, and they suffer another terrible loss.
    We also learn much about the merits of transforming oneself into a lamp post, and meet the randomly named Nuvy Tevk.



  19. Masks of Nyarlathotep 19: Kenya

    Procrastination in an African nation
    Nairobi: April, 1925. Hugo Pargetter, dashing aide to the British envoy in Nairobi, is awakened by a telephone call at 3am. Rushing to the station, he finds our heroes in a state of distress. Gerald avoids a run in with the military police by slipping dead-man's shoes, and Hugo takes Emily, Maddy, Olivia and "Stephen" to the embassy in Nairobi.
    After meeting the chief doctor at the hospital, Emily decides to treat her own wounds. Dinner with Hugo follows, and after collecting themselves from the sight of his dashing moustache, the girls of the party explain their predicament to him. He reveals his loathing of dark sects in Kenya, and agrees to help.
    There is much procrastination and correlating of evidence, after which follows and interview with Roger Corydon, the bureaucrat who oversaw the investigation into the Carlyle massacre, and Sgt. Bumption, the only remaining soldier in Kenya who visited the tragic site.
    We also learn about the use of nailguns versus the undead. Or was it decking?



  20. Masks of Nyarlathotep 20: Kenya

    Tea in Nairobi
    Nairobi: April 1925. The group head to the Valiant Soldier bar in order to meet with Nails Nelson. Several rounds of drinks later, Nails enters, but unfortunately half the party is no longer in a fit state to interview him.
    After a brief chat with Nails, the group return to their hotel, past a terrible fire at the Highland, the only other hotel of note in Nairobi.
    The following day, the party (some with mysterious headaches) pay a visit to Tandoor Singh's tea shop, where they encounter several men wearing headbands that are unpleasantly familiar to Maddy and Emily. During a meeting with Mr. Singh and some impromptu tea-tasting, Olivia once again demonstrates her unconventional manners, and is escorted back to the hotel by Emily for some "rest". Maddy voices her opinions on cultists and tea-drinking.
    Our heroes next decide to visit Johnstone Kenyatta, who is sympathetic to their cause and leads and agrees to help. One ride in a Rolls Royce later, the party encounter a wizened old man by the name of Bundari. They learn much about the Cult of the Bloody Tongue and the Mountain of the Black Wind, and receive some unusual gifts.



  21. Masks of Nyarlathotep 21: Kenya

    The Morrison Expedition
    Nairobi: April 1925. The party return to Nairobi to restock for their upcoming expedition, and to further investigate Mr. Singh's tea shop, whilst Olivia sends Maddy on a mini-adventure with a camel trader.
    An unpleasant discovery in the basement of the tea shop leads to the arrest of Mr. Singh. "Stephen" has disturbing dreams after an unfortunate accident with his mask, and develops an aversion to wearing it any further. Olivia entrances Hugo with her feminine wiles.
    Our heroes prepare for their trip to central Kenya, and take Nails Nelson with them as a guide. After an overnight stay in a native village, the group head towards the "Corrupt Ground" – the site where the Carlylse Expedition came to its tragic end. Gerald reveals his secret to Hugo, and comes to understand the true meaning of the word sunburn.
    Nails has an unpleasant wilderness encounter, and manages to survive Emily Jones's less-than-tender nursing, and after returning him to the village, the party spend the night on the fringes of the Corrupt Ground.



  22. Masks of Nyarlathotep 22: Kenya

    The Mountain of the Black Wind
    Kenya: April, 1925. After camping at the Corrupt Ground, the group head towards the Mountain of the Black wind. An encounter with a group of cultists leads to a shootout, and tragedy for both groups of combatants.
    Our surviving heroes discover an encampment at the base of the mountain, and are soon extremely grateful for the time that Gerald spent feeding his pet chameleon. The group enter the heart of darkness in Kenya with nothing but their skills, their wits, and a donkey. Regretting their negligence in failing to bring along a certain porcine mining item, the party discover the Russian "Explorer" Clementi Popavich amongst a group of prisoners taken by the cult.
    Edging deeper into the mountain, the party are forced to abandon their donkey, and discover an enormous, cancerous temple, and the "United Nations of cultists."
    Hugo explains that perfect planning prevents poor performance in vital situations such as this. Unfortunately, the plan is not as perfect as it might be.



  23. Masks of Nyarlathotep 23: Kenya

    The League of Extraordinary Librarians
    Kenya: April 1925. The bedraggled party trek back across the savannah to Nairobi, leaving the chaos and terror of the Mountain of the Black Wind behind them.
    Hugo decides to remain in Nairobi, whilst the rest of the group return to Egypt by sea-plane, and from there take an ocean liner back to England, much in need of rest. Emily is reunited with Peter at Southampton docks, and our heroes return to Lesser-Edale (some more sedated than others).
    A peaceful month follows for those party members who haven't been carted off to a lunatic asylum. At the beginning of June the repose is interrupted by the arrival of the curiously-accented Mr. Joseph Goodlight, founding member of the League of Extraordinary Librarians, and his half-oriental associate, Miss Emery (or should that be Madam Emery?).
    Jospeh and Emery both have reasons to discover more about the sinister global conspiracy, and after another peaceful month's rest, during which the newer members of the group acquaint themselves with journals and mysterious tomes, the party is ready to head to their final destination – Shanghai.



  24. Masks of Nyarlathotep 24: Shanghai

    Oriental Adventures
    Shanghai: August, 1925. The party book into the Metropol, but are horrified to discover that it is only of middling quality, and so rapidly move to a fictional five star hotel. After a brief rest, our heroes get straight into the important work – shopping. Dinner follows, and then a visit to the Stumbling Tiger bar.
    The Stumbling Tiger is an interesting establishment, with an even more interesting toilet. After some alcoholic adventures, the party track down the plot in the form of the barman, who nervously arranges a secret meeting with them.
    The following day the party meet the barman in a picturesque location, and learn of a third cult connected with the conspiracy, as well as a mysterious island and a very familiar sounding name...
    The meeting does not end well, and the disturbed party return to their hotel for a wash and a rest before their final adventure...



  25. Masks of Nyarlathotep 25: Shanghai

    It's beginning to look a lot like fish-men...
    Shanghai: August, 1925. The party head to Shanghai harbour, where they find a yacht that some of them recognise from a photograph seen long ago, and investigate Ho Fong Imports. Deciding to return after it closes, the party split up. Clementi gives a large amount of money to a clothier.
    Aided by Miss Emery's expert disquise skill (involving a mop head and some tar), our heroes return to Ho Fong's after business hours. After some difficulty gaining entry, a closer inspection of the staircase leads to strange discoveries beneath, and connections with a certain dream-haunted town in New England. A short trip in a row-boat (rowed by the oldest party member) and a battle aboard the Dark Mistress follow, and OhJo follows in his predecessor's sorcerous footsteps.
    Some of the party discover the perils of playing with glowing rocks, as the group head towards the final climactic episode upon Grey Dragon Island.



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