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Horror on the Orient Express

The Innsmouth House Players play through Chaosium's classic 1991 edition of Horror on the Orient Express campaign. These are the recordings.

63 files

  1. Horror on the Orient Express: Keeper Notebook and Coins

    Orient Express notebook and period British coins from Horror on the Orient Express.



  2. Horror on the Orient Express: Keeper Cards

    Examples of "Keeper Cards" used during the Innsmouth House Players' game of Horror on the Orient Express.



  3. Horror on the Orient Express: Fire to the Scoll

    Illustration by Eric M. Smith of an on board scene from Horror on the Orient Express.



  4. Horror on the Orient Express 32: Constantinople

    Head Games
    The episode starts in a familiar fashion – the party are graverobbing. They encounter the insane Companion of the Dead, who soon learns to regret sneaking up on the Colonel.
    Within the grave of Garaznet our heroes discover a shocking sight, and soon find themselves betrayed, and held captive in a most unpleasant fashion by the Brothers of the Skin. In a fit of panic, Mrs. Sunderland reveals all. Help comes from an unexpected quarter, and the party flee to the Bosphorus, where they suffer a delayed reaction to the horrors they have just experienced.
    Mrs. Sunderland shows her true feelings towards an old friend, whom no one else can see, whilst Mary Dawson becomes extremely tongue-tied. The now-rather-unstable group encounter Aktar, who has seen first-hand the terrible truth of the Brothers of the Skin, and agrees to help them enter the Shunned Mosque.



  5. Horror on the Orient Express 14: Venice

    Ahhh... Venice!
    The party board the uncharacteristically late Orient Express once more, bound for Venice. On the train they encounter the recently bereaved and rather upset Maria Stagliani and her maid. Upon their arrival at Venice, Maria is set upon by an unpleasant fascist gentleman, and the party come to her aid.
    Staying at the Gritti Palace, the group enjoy a night in Venice and listen to the songs from the canals. In the morning, the Colonel tucks into a delicious plate of Parma kippers, before our heroes head to the hall of records in search of the mysterious Alvise Gremanci, who brought one of the pieces of the simulacrum to Venice.
    An afternoon’s searching (whilst Violet stares longingly at the nearby shops) proves fruitless, and our heroes pay a visit to Maria, only to be refused entry by her loyal maid. A meeting with her paramour Georgio later in the day reveals her tale of woe, and we learn of the fiery passion that burns within the heart of young Italian men (and exactly what the Colonel thinks of such matters).
    An evening at the hotel is marred by a scream in the night and death on the canal.



  6. Horror on the Orient Express: Player - Helen

    Helen from the Innsmouth House Players' game of Horror on the Orient Express.



  7. Horror on the Orient Express 31: Constantinople

    Blood, Sweat & Tears
    After dinner, the party actually decide to follow up on a side-plot, though there is a brief pause whilst a broken Helen repairs herself. Max and Mary head to the library together to investigate "Garaznet: the thief" amongst the narrow and cozy stacks, whilst the other members of the group pay a visit to Sir Douglas Rutherford, the British ambassador, and learn of the disappearance of his son, James.
    The staff of the embassy are gathered in the garden for questioning, and shocking events follow (the Colonel's seen worse in the war, mind you!).
    Following a suggestion from the ambassador, the group decide to head to the baths to meet with the unfortunately (though accurately) named Beylab the Perspirer. The meeting is informative but soon takes a horrific turn and our heroes make a rapid exit from the bath house (some without even wearing towels!).
    We also enjoy discussion of the excellence of German tentacles, and learn why Paul now wields ultimate authoritaaah as a Keeper. Discussions include the love glove, and the best way to conceal weaponry in a bath house.



  8. Horror on the Orient Express 07: Paris

    Chez Lorien
    The Investigators excavate the entrance to the Comte de Fenalik's ruined cellars in the garden of the Doctor's house, and find many terrible things and horrific sights.
    After not too thorough an investigation a piece of the fabled Sedefkar Simulacrum is recovered and transported to Paris by train.
    Back at the Moulin Noir, recuperation and bathing follows and the travellers determine to embark on the Orient Express, after a traditional French poodle magic show and night at the opera to see the Italian diva Caterina Cavollaro.



  9. Horror on the Orient Express: Player Table Location

    A diagram showing where people sat during play (in relation to the recording head).



  10. Horror on the Orient Express: Binaural Head

    Phillips the binaural recording head, as used in the Innsmouth House Players' game of Horror on the Orient Express.



  11. Horror on the Orient Express 25: Belgrade

    Saint Valentine's Day Massacre?
    Yugoslavia, 1925. The party stay overnight in Oraszac. After breakfast, the Colonel receives a present and an awkward social situation from a new friend. After a discussion of dressings and dressing changes, the party is ready to go into the woods today, searching for the right arm of the Simulacrum.
    Deep in the woods the group find a strange hut, wherein the Colonel expresses a previously unmentioned interest in tapestries. Milos displays his pulling power when he finds the item that the party seek, but the party’s triumph rapidly turns to horror when the inhabitants of the hut display their true nature.
    Fleeing the scene, the Colonel’s present only adds to our heroes troubles, and Violet is forced to face up to some unpleasantness.
    Further tragedy awaits them upon their return to Oraszac, and they seek sanctuary in the church of Father Filopovic.
    The following morning finds our group safe, if not necessarily sound, on board the Orient Express once more, bound for Sofia. Pursuit is never far behind but a ribbon of iron proves the group’s salvation, and Grace is finally free to complete her studies into arcane knowledge, learning the dark secrets and the terrible price of the mysterious Body Warping of Gorgoroth...



  12. Horror on the Orient Express 21: Trieste

    The Hamper House of Horror
    Trieste, 1925. The party head for the spectacular caves of the Grotti di Postumia, and secure the services of a local tour guide. Descending into the dank bowels of the Earth, the investigators are attacked by their guide and his disreputable colleagues who seek the Colonel’s new medallion for some dark arcane purpose. They in turn are attacked by a gang of fez wearing Turks and a large fire fight ensues, during which several party members are wounded, heroically. They flee under cover of darkness and the noise of combat. After some time they find a foreboding hidden chamber containing a large subterranean lake. Suddenly they are accosted by some immense telepathic power which instructs them to leave the medallion and go, so after some quick bartering Mrs. Sunderland throws the medallion into the heart of the lake, much to the upset of the Colonel. Searching the piles of occult paraphernalia and discarded offerings around the lake they eventually stumble upon a leg of the simulacrum and free it from its covering of flowstone. They flee on foot and are followed by the guides who are once again ambushed by Turks allowing the party to escape. Hurrying towards the town a 3rd fight breaks out leaving both sides heavily wounded while Mrs. Sunderland and party slip off into a waiting taxi and safety. Back in Trieste, they make rapid plans to depart on the Orient Express, pack and board the train.



  13. Horror on the Orient Express 28: Sofia

    Sofia, 1925. Milos suffers an unfortunate mustard-gas relapse and returns to the hotel, whilst Violet becomes increasingly reliant on her all-too-regular morphine doses. Whilst the other (relatively) healthy members of the party visit the library, Violet keeps her cravings at bay by shopping for hats.
    The Colonel, prompted by his visions and certain discoveries at the library, suggests a trip to the local caves, and is frustrated when his suggestion is not received enthusiastically by the younger party members. Whilst the rest of the group return to the Moulin de Violet, Colonel Goodenough persuades a local boatman to take him up the river where he happens upon a scene of terrible carnage, and recovers something that he thought was lost for good.
    He fails to find the object of his quest, however, and rejoins the rest of the party at the hotel. Later that evening, Mrs. Sunderland also unexpectedly recovers something long-lost, as an old friend steps out of the past and into her bedroom.
    The evening's surprises are not yet exhausted, however, as in an adjoining room Violet gains a new perspective on her recent misfortune, and in still another room Grace embraces her newly-acquired sorcerous power.
    The following morning, a woman no-one has laid eyes on before enters the Moulin de Violet with a recommendation from Milos, and thus Mary Dawson joins the party as Mrs. Sunderland's new PA. She immediately ingratiates herself by skilfully (if mysteriously) making a cup of tea just the way Mrs. Sunderland likes it.
    The reinvigorated party follow the Colonel's lead to the mysterious cave he discovered the previous evening. Whilst the rest of the party discuss porridge, Col. Goodenough re-enters the cave, but discovers nothing more.



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