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  2. OneoftheDeep

    Evil Hat Launches FATE of C'thulhu Kickstarter

    I will say that might work well with our project as an afterthought
  3. OneoftheDeep

    Playing as the monster?

    Delta Green had a great section on playing as members of the Fate, a mafia style cult
  4. OneoftheDeep

    Roleplaying the GOOs/Outer Gods

    There is nothing wrong with how you want to play this. If they want to have a chat or make bargains, let them. The trick is in roleplaying and making it interesting. For example: When I playtested my scenario 'Toil in the Fields' (it is in Golden Goblin Press's Tales of the Caribbean), I had to play Tsathoggua. Tsathoggua's mannerisms were very lazy and bored with the whole thing. Cause frankly, these investigators weren't here to bargain or seek magical power or feed him. They were an annoyance so I played him as much. Also I would break into a lazy long cat like yawn while talking to the investigators. Another one involved the investigators dealing with Y'Golonac in human form. I would purposefully try to not blink. When an investigator pointed this out, I did a very obvious blinking motion. Pesky human habits. Nyarlathotep I usually play as a sneaky devil or lawyer. Think the Devil's Advocate. Other options might be a thunderous voice from the clouds (Yog-Sothoth), or maybe a sense of a feeling (Cthulhu's dreams) where you get the impression of the Great Old One's command. Could be even weirded like strange sounds or flashing colors. Just make it memorable.
  5. Fred answered the question about International shipping as best he can, and it was actually a very educational exchange. I can't link to the direct comments, but go to the Comments tab, and then do a search for "dick-move" and read Fred's replies to those folks. Short version is that he's run the numbers, tried different scenarios in past Kickstarters, but offering it would probably break the company, as they are currently on financial thin ice as it stands. - Bill https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/evilhat/fate-of-cthulhu/comments
  6. ColonelAutumn9155

    Roleplaying the GOOs/Outer Gods

    Hey all, So some of you may recognize me as your resident (and perhaps I am being too generous with that term) Elder Thing enthusiast. I am running into a problem more and more often with my group. I cannot roleplay Lovecraftian deities correctly! Let me preface this by saying even though we've been playing CoC for nearly a year now, we came from Pathfinder and I think that still paints a lot of the group's actions. I know that the GOOs and Outer Gods are supposed to be uncaring at best, and actively malevolent at worst. And I know that the PCs encountering them should have... bad consequences, to say the least. However, despite my best efforts, I am not doing a good job of portraying the gods as such. While my players haven't complained and I doubt they really care, I feel that I am doing them a disservice. My problem is that I always make the deities too "human." Part of this comes from the fact that I just find it more interesting seeing my players actually interact with these powerful beings, rather than just being squashed by them. I let them chat, I let the investigators ask questions and bargains of them, I allow just about any normal human interaction to take place (provided they can make their SAN rolls!). And this is just wrong. This is not the game where you can sit down and have a friendly chat with Abhoth or take tea with Atlach-Nacha. I think part of the problem is I'm not entirely sure HOW to roleplay these gods correctly. So can I get some tips or any advice from you guys? Any ideas on how I can avoid "humanizing" these creatures? Or how I can perhaps dehumanize them further? Thanks!
  7. jp1885

    Cold Warning Part 3

    WARNING: Spoilers! The Diary of Harry Harrison: Mystic January 1923 Eastern Maine General Hospital, Bangor I write this as I recover from surgery. Thankfully my condition is not life-threatening; I only wish the same could be said for my associates… As I gaze at my white, sterile surroundings, I must force myself to recount how I came to be in this place, far from the frozen hellish Christmas up in the hills and backwoods of Penobscot County. After clumsily breaking into Stuart Sutton’s office we had discovered that he had indeed murdered his brother before abducting the poor man’s pregnant wife; taking her to his hunting lodge. With mounting horror we also found out that her child was the progeny of some otherworldly monster and that it’s birth would herald an age of freezing death and madness! Armed with this knowledge we made it back to the foyer unobserved. After unsuccessfully trying to break into Sutton’s private quarters we decided to ‘borrow’ the key to one of the large guest suites and spend the night there. With safety in numbers we hoped to take it in turns to keep watch while the others got some rest. Reginald went first, keeping himself awake with whatever drug he habitually uses. Unfortunately he received a very urgent call of nature and, with the outhouse situated a short distance outside the lodge, woke up Bob to accompany him to said place. Taking their weapons with them, they headed through the snow so that Reg could perform his ablutions. Alas the poor chap suffered from having a buttock being stuck to the frozen surface of the latrine, eliciting a scream when he stood up. Standing guard, Bob noticed that this noise had attracted something large and hairy… The thing raced around the outhouse, seemingly unimpeded by the thick snow. With a terrible crash it kicked in the rear wall of the latrine, revealing a large hairy foot the same leaf-like shape as the footprints we had seen earlier! As Reg fought to disengage himself, Bob fired at the foot, causing the creature to emit an unearthly screech. The foot, and presumably the creature, disappeared, leaving nothing but a mass of footprints and some strange black-ish ichor. Roused by the noise, the pair was confronted by Achak when they retreated back into the lodge. Upon being appraised of the situation, the noble Indian volunteered to stand guard while we attempted to snatch at least a short rest. This proved rather difficult however, not least because of Reg’s continued screaming as iodine was applied to his scalped posterior. This also awoke the author, Arthur, from the room next door. Knowing of his interest in the weird, we told him of what had transpired. Surprisingly he became somewhat annoyed and agitated at the fact that we had shot the creature. Was he in league with such things? He quickly marched off before we could question him. What remained of the night passed uneventfully, save Bob discovering that the dark-red ichor he had collected was not human blood (he had had the foresight to bring a chemical testing kit with him). Slightly rested but still tired, we awoke to a sumptuous Christmas Eve breakfast! Buoyed up by the repast (and news of a grand Christmas feast that evening) we once again tried to engage the other guests in conversation. Of Arthur there was no sign and Dr. Wentworth was already sampling the brandy, so we focussed on the Morellos. Alas my attempt to bring the mobster into our camp failed dismally when I mentioned his real name: Tony Strollo. The result was rough Italian-American hand around my windpipe and a knife sticking against my ribs. Needless to say Mr. Strollo was someone to be avoided in future! With breakfast somewhat spoiled we were approached by Achak. Arthur had gone missing – would we be so kind as to look for him? Borrowing a key from the porter, we searched the man’s room for clues to his whereabouts. The only things of interest were an old book, written in German and full of pictures of ancient ruins and his manuscript for ‘The Whisperer in the Woods’: a tale of a man haunted by strange sounds in the eponymous woodland – semi-autobiographical perhaps? It was clear that the author had left the lodge – his outdoor clothing was missing and footprints could be seen heading uphill into the trees. Similarly outfitting ourselves and borrowing some hunting rifles we set off in pursuit, leaving the book (in which I recognised Asian and Pacific ruins connected to seasonal rituals) with Rose Morello: the only guest who could read German. We set off up into the woods above the lodge, following the man’s erratic trail as it winded around the trees. We also discovered a smaller set of prints coming from the guest cabin but decided to ignore them in favour of the task in hand: tracking down Arthur Burgess. Eventually his trail led us to the top of a ridge, upon which stood a strange, snow-covered, artificial mound. As we ascended this mound (not without difficulty) the bitter wind grew ever stronger and the snow fell more heavily. At the summit of the mound we discovered a grisly sight: spread out inside a large and blood-splattered indentation was the flattened remains of our quarry… For the most part we held our nerve (and our stomachs), with the exception of Monty. The sight of this squashed body caused the man to lose his grip. Letting out a strangled cry he began firing his semi-automatic rifle, letting loose in all directions! Making matters worse, one of his mad volleys hit me in the left thigh. The wound was a bad one and I immediately fell to the ground, bleeding profusely and barely conscious. Firing wildly, a crazed Monty then fled screaming into the woods, only to run head-first into a tree. While Reg attempted to stem the bleeding in my leg, Bob managed to calm Monty down, although, still being very jumpy, he took the precaution of swapping his weapon with an unloaded rifle. With this grisly discovery made, Bob and Reg attempted to lead a shell-shocked Monty and a badly wounded yours-truly back to the lodge. After a couple of false turns they finally espied it’s welcoming lights, although with the weather growing increasingly cold, Reg lost half an ear to frostbite. Upon reaching the lodge we found Dr. Wentworth just sober enough to treat my wound. He managed to re-do my friends’ amateur tourniquet and sterilise the bullet hole before my screams caused Monty to fly into another mad rage! He physically attacked the poor doctor, bringing on yet another heart attack. Luckily Bob and Reg managed to subdue him and stabilise Wentworth with the last of his pills. Alas by now he was in no state to remove the bullet from my leg, forcing us both to take to our beds (where Hurit the maid was able to stabilise me). With Monty half-mad and me laid up, the other two went down to dinner: a somewhat muted affair despite the festive season. Finally Sutton made a brief appearance, glaring evilly at them before disappearing into the staff area. It transpire that during our ordeal up in the woods, Rose had read the mysterious book as well as she could. It was entitled ‘Remnants of Lost empires’ and recounted strange megalithic sites where it was possible to converse with strange entities. Apparently the requisite rituals could only be conducted in extreme heat or cold – cold like the snowstorm which raged above the lodge… After the lacklustre Christmas celebration, Reg and Bob once again saw the two eerie red lights in the sky as they retired for the night, joining Monty and I in the purloined guest suite. Our rest was soon disturbed by Hurit yelling ‘the baby, the baby!’ followed by the sound of smashing wood and breaking glass from various parts of the building. Before we could react it soon became clear what was smashing into the lodge, for crashing into the main hall barrelled a huge, shaggy creature with skull face and antlers. Bellowing before the horrified guests was something we had only glimpsed before: a Wendigo! Bob and Reg opened an ineffectual fire from the balcony, causing the monster to mount the stairs towards them. What bullets that did hit it seemed to do very little damage, although it roared in pain when the gangster Strollo appeared, doing what he did best and emptying his Tommy Gun into the thing’s back. Seemingly walking on air, the beast ascended towards our suite, barging through the doorway despite the gunfire being directed at it. Thankfully the swipes from it’s deadly claws missed, enabling Reg to hurriedly make an impromptu petrol bomb while Bob battled the beast. A good throw quickly set the monster alight and this, coupled with the gunfire and Monty’s frenzied knife attacks, caused the beast to sink to it’s knees. As it melted away, it struck out one last time, knocking the footboard of the bed upon which I lay prone into one of the windows. It was lucky that we had chosen to occupy a guest suite, for this gave us one more window to escape out of – something which, with the room (and our belongings) catching fire and more Wendigo attacking the other guests, we had to use quickly! Dragging myself painfully out of bed I tied one of our ropes to the window sill. We then forced a mattress out of the window and got out of the suite with little trouble. What happens next I have only been able to glean from the survivors, for, incapacitated as I was, I had to be left in the snow. All I could do was cower in pain and terror as the Wendigo ravaged through the lodge, slaying guest after guest. A quick check of the mysterious and now burning guest cabin revealed it to be empty, but my comrades were able to see Mrs. Sutton’s birthing bed, covered in black ichor and strange bone ‘fur balls’ – what had been consumed in there, and by what? It was obvious that the birth and whatever evil ritual was connected to it had to be stopped! The three investigators followed the tracks back up into the woods to the snowy mound, following Hurit who they spotted heading in that direction. Soon her trail was joined with other footprints, both human and Wendigo, and a trail of the dark ichor. Joined by a concerned Achak, they pressed onwards. As they reached the dome they saw thay it was bathed in a strange light, while shouts and screams assailed their ears. Seeing a small Wendigo before them, they quickly opened fire and killed the beast, leaving the way open to the mound. As they climbed the rise as scene of absolute horror awaited them! Lying on a nest pf pine branches was Mrs. Sutton, clearly in the final stages of childbirth. Sutton, Hurit and more Wendigo looked on while the midwife Avery lay still nearby. As the adventurers attempted to shoot Sutton (winging him in the leg), the icy wind howled through the air above them. The atmosphere roiled as the creature inside Mrs. Sutton clawed it’s way out of her abdomen, splitting her open in a gorily unnatural birth. The sight was too much for Reg’s fragile mind and he ran of screaming into the trees. As Stuart Sutton picked up the unholy newborn, the Wendigo moved forward. Bob, reloading his pistol, decided it was time to end the terror and shoot the child. He fired, winging the infant and causing it to emit a nerve-shattering scream. Luckily Bob held steady, but as he aimed again, the two red stars once again winked into existence above him as a gigantic figure began to take form out of the howling ice storm that raged in the air. Perhaps by way of an offering to this thing, a Wendigo lashed out, decapitating Sutton. Monty’s broken mind snapped at the sight of this and he too began screaming. Only brave Bob was in any state to stop the evil. Taking careful aim he fired one last time… Whether by luck or by judgement he managed to shoot the child again, hitting it in the abdomen – a fatal result! With the unholy spawn dead, the enormous figure scooped up it’s child’s remains as it completed coalescence. The full sight of the thing’s terrible majesty drove poor Bob completely insane before he was mercifully smashed into atoms by a gigantic fist. And then, like thawing snow, the monster, the dead child and the Wendigo were gone. The ritual and the terrible reign of frozen terror and madness that it would have heralded was thwarted, but at a terrible cost. As Monty and Reg made their way trembling back to me at the lodge, it was clear that we were the only survivors among the guests. The only other living soul was Hurit, distraught and desperately looking for her husband Achak, who had lost his mind when the towering creature with blazing red eyes appeared in the sky, and ran off screaming ‘Ithaqua! Ithaqua!’ We spent the rest of the night taking what shelter we could among the ruins, for we were in no state to attempt the journey back to civilisation. Thankfully the next day, Christmas Day, the weather had improved enough for the indomitable Claude to arrive at the scene. Thus we were conveyed to Bangor to receive treatment for our injuries, both physical and psychological. The Second Sight Co-operative have thwarted a terrible thing, but the cost has been terrible too… OOC notes: Don’t let the grim ending to this great scenario fool you – we had an absolute blast! Playing location: A former Victorian lunatic asylum
  8. It's possible to do US to non-US shipping cheaply, but only if your project is huge. Then you can get a shipping partner in the destination area, and ship them pallets of boxes (at bulk freight rate, and bulk customs clearance), and they send out the individual copies. But the break-even in cost doesn't happen until you've got a full pallet at the very least, and preferably a full container.
  9. I noticed they're not shipping physical copies outside the USA. Alas I can understand why (costs go ever up no matter how you try). Evil Hat has already reached its KS goal and still some four weeks to run.
  10. PoC

    Innsmouth House

  11. Agreed. Frankly, I was hoping for the FAE/FATE version of CoC, that would streamline the system and allow for quick character creation and simplified scenario building, but it seems they have their own ideas when it comes to the mythos and what will be successful. Maybe within the book there is a way for us to recreate the 1920's/Pulp, etc and ignore the Terminator like aspects of the story. I'll have to download the PDF and see sometime this weekend. I had great hopes for THIS Kickstarter in 2014, but the guy seems to have taken the $11k and run. Luckily I did not back it. - Bill
  12. Everything interesting?
  13. The decision not to ship outside the US has lots of folks upset but Fred pointed out (on Twitter) that the last time they did a KS with International shipping the company needed a 6 figures handout to survive the cost issue. Your best bet is to hope a company picks up some after the KS and deals with the shipping etc to get them to the EU/OZ/RoW.
  14. PoC

    Playing as the monster?

    Speaking of the cultist aspect specifically, there's also the MULA Monograph, Dark Mirror.
  15. Fatman

    Playing as the monster?

    There was an interesting Kickstarter idea from Cubicle 7 and Make Believe Games Back in 2017 called Sigil & Sign where you play cultists and hybrid-monsters. It’s running a year or so behind schedule (because reasons) but I think the concept was sound. There’s rivalries between the traditionalists and the mavericks within your own cult, other cults who are after the same tomes as you, adapting to mutations, the unknowable God that you worship and those pesky New England professors who turn up to set fire to everything you hold dear during important ceremonies.
  16. WinstonP

    Beginner looking for resources

    Like Hastur, if you say our name often enough, we appear. Good suggestions all around. Indeed, if you're using Arkham as a base, I do recommend issue #1 of the Arkham Gazette, which is all about Arkham and, most importantly, includes a list of all the published scenarios set in Arkham. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/172263/The-Arkham-Gazette-1 This should be a helpful time-saver in developing scenarios. The other issues have Arkham-related content (issue 3 for example has a sprawling scenario set therein) but are probably less essential. If you've not seen it, Chaosium's new 7th Edition Starter set includes the scenario "The Edge of Darkness" which is set in Arkham and serves as a start to a campaign, if you're in need of a good scenario to do that. If you have an specific Arkham questions, you're in good hands here on YSDC. When in doubt, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can find.
  17. MrHandy

    Playing as the monster?

    You might want to check out Servants of Chaos, a homebrew that I played in as a play-by-post where the PCs were all Mythos creatures (I played a Deep One). We changed Keepers in midstream, as the original creator disappeared mysteriously. Fortunately, the new Keeper was able to finish the scenario. He didn't know where the original Keeper was going, but he did a good job going his own way.
  18. This project does seem to be a very peculiar and idiosyncratic take on Lovecraftian Roleplaying ... it seems to deliberately limit the story options to "Terminator-like" tales where time agents are travelling back from a future where the Old Ones have already reclaimed earth, presumably with most of the action/plot centering on somehow preventing that from happening. I guess that could make for a fun scenario or two ... but as the basis for an entire game, it seems sorta narrow. Still, it's about time that there was a decent FATE/Lovecraft crossover (notwithstanding the FATE Achtung! of course), so that's a plus. Good luck to the creators, I guess. Dean (from Adelaide)
  19. What could be edited out of MoN, if one were really motivated to run it as fast as possible 😄
  20. Yesterday
  21. mercwerk

    Call of Boulder: the Crumbling Chaos

    Ah, you'll have to forgive the MANY historical inaccuracies I included throughout the campaign! Lol. Although, Hannah Barker and the Barker Meadow Reservoir were real historical figures that I researched extensively in order to create a backstory...
  22. playdead

    Genius Loci: thoughts, suggestions, etc.

    These are all great points! Thanks a lot! I had some similar thoughts about this one. I’ve run a lot of CoC over the years, so I didn’t feel a need for an introductory scenario. At the same time, I felt that at least some of the scenarios had loads of potential if they were given room to breathe and had a little more hair on them. You have some terrific things for me to consider here. Thanks again!
  23. GBSteve

    Is Trail dead?

    Cheers all, your words are very appreciated. I'm very lucky to have a diagnosis, even if the cure if smearing ichor on my chest every morning. But it's a slow road.
  24. gladius

    Call of Boulder: the Crumbling Chaos

    Boulder, Colorado! I've lived there, went to school there, and currently live just a few miles away from the Chautauqua auditorium! Listening to the first episode now
  25. It's - different. I am a big fan of FATE Accelerated when it comes to rules light/RP heavy systems, but this take on the C'thulhu mythos is a bit puzzling. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. Posting here in case others are interested: Bon appetit! - Bill
  26. yronimoswhateley

    Beginner looking for resources

    I add my voice to the chorus of recommendations for Graham Walmsley's "Stealing Cthulhu" - it's a fantastic little guide to getting inside Lovecraft's head to come up with new ideas the way he did, rather than merely copying and reusing the ones he already created. It really gives you a great new perspective on all the usual Cthulhu nasties and stories, it's one of the rare "story prompt" products that teaches you how to fish rather than simply giving you a list of sample fish to choose from, and it's one of those rare "how the sausage is made" books that don't take all the awe, mystery, fun and excitement out of the topic it dissects. If you're new to Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos, it's probably the best shortcut I could imagine to getting into the right spirit of things and creating your own story ideas, fast.
  27. DrMonster

    Playing as the monster?

    Hmmm, you could take a favorite scenario and “flip the script.” Instead of investigating mysterious disappearances and odd phenomenae your monster player-characters could be sneaking around town seeking the Chosen One, an unwitting human hybrid who will soon “monster out” and lead their people to glory. If they find potential sacrificial victims (or dates for Friday night) along the way, so much the better. The problem with this approach in Cthulhu as opposed to Chill or Tunnels & Trolls is that cosmic monsters are supposed to be mysterious, their goals and motives incomprehensible to mortal men. A vampire wants to get it on with the cutest gal (or guy) available, werewolves are always hungry, mummies seek the latest incarnations of their lost love, invisible men want to rule the world, mad scientists want to show those fools they were right all along, and orcs just wanna have fun. But a Mi-Go or dimension shambler? Who knows what they want or why they do what they do?
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