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  2. numtini

    Bolting some DG Mechanics into a CoC campaign

    I've thought a lot about this. Probably too much. From DG: Consolidated skill list; entire sanity system including bonds, adaptation, and breaking point; and lethality. Character creation by profession packages. From CoC: The combat system other than autofire volleys being replaced by lethality. The damage and death system. Luck and pushed rolls. Bonus/Penalty dice. Success thresholds. Percentile characteristics.
  3. Today
  4. A comment to a Kickstarter Update got me thinking - When dealing with Mythos Tomes, are there any specific ones that are evocative of a certain theme? How do you impart that tome's "flavor" to your players? For an example of what I'm wondering, I'll refer you to Shimmin Beg's blog posts about "fun-sizing the Great Old Ones" which kinda talk about how to infuse a GOO into a scenario beyond just having it make an appearance (and he's tackling world-ending ones at that). Based on his post, here's a few things to start off thinking with: cues that can be used to evoke the feel of what the tome is/does slanting descriptions towards the tome's theme/purpose NPC behaviors and actions non-plot events/"random occurrences" The readers of the tome, whether cultists or not - is their mood or behavior impacted by it, either due to proximity or what they read? What mythos entities would be logical inclusions for scenarios with said tome(s), that don't just end the game?
  5. nclarke

    Essential ToC books?

    You also might want to seek out the material Ken Hite wrote for Pelgrane as part of his Ken Writes About Stuff column. There are three packs available. They have things like new approaches to Cthulhoid monstrosities as well as extra rules named Zooms which look at certain aspects of the rules in depth. The ones on various magic types (Goetia, Voodoo and Alchemy) are very useful. I particularly like the Foul Congeries series as well.
  6. rylehNC

    Essential ToC books?

    Rough Magicks is essential to games relying heavily on magic - especially if the investigators are doing the casting. Also if you are running a Bookhounds campaign. Mythos Expeditions is essential to games involving exploration or difficult journeys to get to the Mythos. It would help an Armitage Inquiry campaign as well. If you wanted to run an improv game, either Cthulhu City or The Armitage Files (or both) would be essential to this effort. The Keeper's Resource Book also has some stock characters. Bookhounds of London contains rules material for auctions and libraries. I can't say that Trail is especially tome-intensive, but if you wanted to feature them in a game I would recommend taking a look at it. Obviously, this is the book to get for a London-set campaign, too. Likewise, Dreamhounds of Paris has what you need for games in Paris or the Dreamlands. Stunning Eldritch Tales has some rules additions scattered in it (I don't think Tony W. added its Charlatan occupation to the Condensed Rules). I wouldn't call it essential unless you are using the pulp idiom, although like everything for the line, it's worth having.
  7. The Dark Times fanzine is looking for submissions. We are a free pdf magazine dealing with all aspects of the horror, conspiracy and weird roleplaying genres. Apart from gaming material we also accept anything that can act as inspiration for games, or has been inspired by them. This includes short fiction, artwork, movie & TV reviews, podcast plugs and even poetry should the muse strike you! If you have any material that you think fits the bill, or have any questions, you can send them along to us at darktimesfanzineATgmailDOTcom Submission guidelines are available on request. Look us up on Facebook or Google+ (The Dark Times Fanzine) or Twitter (DTZ_2017) Thanks for your time!
  8. MichaelArkAngel

    Dead Man's Stomp: Images/Handouts

    Thought I'd add a few handouts/Images from Dead Man's Stomp: Leroy Turner's Trumpet Morgan and Dupuy Funeral Home Business Card Front Morgan and Dupuy Funeral Home Business Card Back Hopefully they may be of some use to you!
  9. PoC

    nameless [YSDC RPG]

    More nameless artwork by @WaynePeters, this time NPC sketches from our latest adventure, The Manderley Mysteries!
  10. PoC


    nameless is the moniker of Yog-Sothoth's own internal roleplaying game of mystery and suspense. nameless is a very simple, rules-lite Lovecraftian RPG system that uses six-sided dice or coins as the primary resolution mechanic. Basic character creation is fast and flexible with an emphasis on the game at the table (rather than in the rulebook). Scenarios are either our own creations or ones written specifically for us. If you're a Patron of Yog-Sothoth you can listen to the full catalogue of recordings of nameless in play as well as discuss the games in The Silver Lodge. Come, join the Innsmouth House Players as they begin a new journey into Lovecraftian worlds of horror and adventure! Your browser does not support the audio element. Clip from The Many Deaths of Edward Bigsby. Binaural 3D audio evolved from an Ambisonic master.
  11. The_Tatterdemalion_King

    Essential ToC books?

    The first and still the best condensed Gumshoe rules text is this one by Yunus Wesley. The appendices of NBA and Double Tap have combined cherry and vampire power rules.
  12. Yes, if you want the Masks PDF straightaway it will be available from Chaosium.com or DriveThruRPG. If you want it from from a Bits and Mortar FLGS you'll have to wait:
  13. Okay, you are planning on making it available to stores so as to not compete with them or force us to chose supporting them or getting the PDF when it's available?
  14. Sorry, some of the above information is incorrect. If you buy Masks of Nyarlathotep from a FLGS that participates in Bits and Mortar you will get the PDF included in the price. But as previously noted in this thread, you'll have to wait until the book goes into retail distribution. Retail distribution of Masks is scheduled for September. We'll have a finalised release date once our printing and shipping dates are confirmed. We will be sending the Masks PDFs to participating stores a few weeks before that date, along with other marketing materials. If you preorder Masks from a participating store, they will be able to send out the PDF to you as soon as they receive it from us, but sending it out is up to the individual store.
  15. Dante7

    Green Antarctica?

    I've toyed with a way to adapt Green Antarctica (http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Literature/GreenAntarctica) in to my setting, but in a less overt way, still preserving the sense that the Weird is unknown to the general population. I've thought about making is smaller, and existing as a sort of nature preserve like Marvel's Savage Land, with an event at the Mountains of Madness causing the Tsalal to start venturing out in to the world and becoming a "new" Mythos cult culture ala the Tchaucha. This whole thing will, of course, be *extremely* pulpy
  16. Yesterday
  17. We're still holding off on taking pre-order for our Deluxe and Super Deluxed Limited Edition Masks of Nyarlathotep collections. We've got a couple of artifacts that are being redesigned to try and make them a little less expensive and lighter to ship. We hope to have it resolved soon. The radio play is in production and our prop department is dispatching jobs to our printers left and right. The stars will soon be right. We'll post some photos to our site soon.
  18. JeffMindlin

    Help finding a Scenario/Campaign for my Players?

    Day of the beast is reclaimed! I’m starting to read it and I think it may just hit the spot! Thanks guys.
  19. We will be selling the Masks Keeper Screen Pack separately. We are not currently planning on selling just the keeper screen itself separately.
  20. I just spoke to Chaosium over the phone and they've made it clear that they are intend to make the PDF available on Bits and Mortar as soon as they are able (Getting a PDF distributed take some time especially if you are launching a big game like Rune Quest at practically the same time). What this means is as soon as Bit and Mortar have the PDF shops will be able to send you your copy when you pre purchase the game. It doesn't seem like they'll be able to get it done by July 1st but any movement in this direction by Chaosium show their commitment to local stores by not forcing us to chose our shop over getting the PDF early. The Owner said they were working on it and that he'd try to inform MOB of this. I suffer from Aspergers and have pestered them about this and and sorry for that. Chaosium is a small company and while some companies might release PDFs through Bit and Mortar early, they didn't even know it was an option until I asked them about it so they're now trying to make it happen. My loyalty (and money) goes to a company that at least makes an effort to support my gaming and my local shop. Chaosium are doing this. Thank you and sorry I "sperg lorded" all over you guys.
  21. Travern

    Essential ToC books?

    Fear Itself is a no-brainer for the condensed rules treatment, especially since it's a good introduction to Gumshoe. NBA is probably too complicated for a compact version, with its multiple modes, Cherries, Heat, etc., but maybe FoDG could be synopsized. If @Tony Williams has any spare time… In any case, @JustinAlexander published a system cheat sheet for ToC that's very helpful.
  22. hwest79

    Essential ToC books?

    Honestly wish they had it for all the gumshoe titles. I started with Fear Itself and a quick player guide would have made it so much easier.
  23. My local FLGS has pre-ordered the campaign for me, and they participate in the Bits&Mortar program so I'll get the pdf after my purchase of the print copy. That's another option for Canadians like us ...
  24. numtini

    Essential ToC books?

    I just wish they had them for NBA and FoDG.
  25. hwest79

    Essential ToC books?

    @numtini First thing i did was download both. All my players have tablets so had them all d/l it as well.
  26. jeff75006

    Players say the funniest things

    1- Day of the Beast. My players are lost in the desert. One of them, too weak, dies dehydrated. The others don't know what to do with the body, and decide to leave it there, under the sun, untouched. A few hours after, the group is still lost and the thirst is unbearable. One of them tells : "We should have drunk him". (the guy that was playing the (now) dead character looks sincerely horrified). 2- BTMOM, Australia. My character is trying to enter a house with a a friend. They knock at the door, a woman opens. They don't want to leave their real names, so my character says "Hello, I'm George Washington and this is Benjamin Franklin" (i don't know why but this is what comes into my mind...). Needless to say, loud laughs at the table, and another cover to find... Regards from France!
  27. Umbrageofsnow


    Anyone seen Hereditary? It is definitely worth trying to get to while it's still in theaters. It's a significantly weirder, better, and scarier movie than the trailer led me to believe and beyond that it's probably best to go in blind. In tone it reminds me a lot of The Witch, to me the trailer made it look like it was going to be Poltergeist. Vague ending spoiler for those unsold on it: Also it would make a good investigative roleplaying game, I'm seriously thinking it would be a great Fear Itself scenario. Or maybe Dread.
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