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Jackson Elias's Passports



I got a request for a copy of the Jackson Elias Passport I used in my game.


While I'm happy to share it, It was made including the alternate dates I used in my game, and has stamps for the Icelandic pulp intro I ran.  I decided I'd make a second, book-as-written version of the passport and share both, although I'm frankly not 100% sure I got the dates all exactly correct. You may want to review your own timelines before using them.


These are intended to printed in a double sided booklet form much like the Occult Tomes I made. I'll also go ahead and caution you that much like the occult tome handouts, these are not an attempt to make 100% accurate or real looking props. They have a lot of white space but enough details to get the idea across. It's also intentionally laid out in a way that should make it clear what the players are looking at and the timeline that goes with it. Real passports, such as the one I used for the Featured Art on this article, are often very difficult to make out.


I hope people find them useful.


Featured Photo Art Credit: Wikipedia WW2 Spanish Official Passport

Jackson_Passport_standard.pdf Jackson_Passport_iceland.pdf

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