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yock's Lovecraftathon: The Very Old Folk



Another Roman one, this is an account of a dream Lovecraft had, of an expedition to deal with an unknowable threat in Roman Spain.


It's extremely heavy going writing. I'm thinking that he maybe wrote it down fast, while he could remember the dream, and clarity wasn't the priority. Maybe I'm just really tired, but the words are proving resolutely laboured for me. I find if I read quickly that helps, getting less bogged down. A bit.


Oh but "yellow, squint-eyed" is used as a description of some people, a couple of times too. Mmm. To be fair Romans had a very clear concept of the "other" and barbarians. But yes, this is too familiar usage from Lovecraft for me.


I do like the section describing the sunset meeting in the town, and the descriptions of some of the other people there. It's written as though Lovecraft is trying to understand what he's seeing in his dream, and it does conjure a nice sense of place and the people he is witnessing in his dream.


I also like the growing sense of tension as the party goes up into the hills, to try to defeat the threat they face. It's very spooky, with some real jump out moments.


And then it ends, and we don't know what happens ultimately. Which is fine. I can imagine lots in my head!


It's definitely got me hankering for a game of Cthulhu Invictus though, which is no bad thing.

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