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yock's Lovecraftathon: The Descendant



Another fragmentary tale, this is somewhat of a disappointment after the previous two.


Refreshingly it is set in London, captured moderately well, though some of the names jar rather. The vision of a man and his cat howling at the sound of church bells is a strong one, but a rare highlight in the story.


The way another character gets hold of a copy of the Necronomicon stretches belief almost to breaking point. Nor is the book really that essential to what follows, and I'm sure it could be substituted with another.


The idea of a landed family stretching back to Roman times and a spooky castle is nice, albeit rather reminiscent of Rats in the Walls. But it's under developed, and the story then just stops, unfinished.


There is potential here, but I think not only would it need to be finished satisfactorily, but the earlier text would also need to be significantly reworked to produce a good result.

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