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Update from China

Shimmin Beg


Hello there!

I noticed that some folks have been kind enough to wonder where I've evaporated to, and worry about me (sorry). I'm okay, just snowed under.


I moved to China in August, and have been teaching several courses at a university here. This also involves writing those courses, and as I wasn't given any information about the requirements beforehand, I had almost nothing planned until I started here. So basically my time is spent either teaching, marking, or preparing my next class. I manage to squeeze in a few hours of Skype gaming each week in the small hours, continuing my long-running Pathfinder campaign. I haven't even been able to properly keep up with my favourite podcasts (perhaps because I normally do it during housework, and uh, that's been... deprioritised).


Cthulhu is not off my radar, but I don't have either the time or the energy to actually do anything, either gamewise or writing about it. I do have plenty of ideas! Paul is aware of some things I hope to put together for the Yoggie Zine, though is not, I think, aware of the true extend of my diabolical plans.


Workload has been... discussed... this week and I hope the situation will improve. Future work plans are looking potentially complicated,* and I may find myself trying to cobble together a portfolio career, so if I could finally get some of my writing nailed down, get back into my rhythm and see whether it might be possible to earn an honest bob or two from it, that would really help. As it is there's no way I could even justify a Patreon. My blogs are neglected and cobwebbed, and countless hours of unprocessed audio lurk in my hard drive, awaiting Actual Play status.


Hope all my Yoggie pals are doing well - feel free to drop me a line any time.


*it's quite likely I'll be living in more than one country, for example, but which countries that might be is by no means certain. Few jobs take kindly to you only working for them 6 months at a time.


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Glad you're OK, and I hope the overloads ease soon.


I can't promise to be timely, but I do a fair bit of audio processing and might be able to give a once-over to your recordings…

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Good to hear from you!


They're certainly keeping you busy!

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