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What Rough Beast ... Session Two Part 4 - Death in the Darkness




* * *




Richard tore up to Spearman’s house and dumped his bike in the road. Seeing lights on in the house, he ran up and knocked on the front door. Mr. Spearman answered.


“Hey, do you know where Jill is?†Richard said.


“Just right over there,†Mr. Spearman said.


He gestured to the front room where Jill sat on the couch.


“Is she in her bed?†Richard said, breathing heavily.


“No, she’s right there on the couch, Richard!†Mr. Spearman said.


Richard looked in. Jill was sitting on the couch with a book in her hand. She looked at Richard, turned her head away, and went “Hmph!â€


“Daddy, no,†she said. “Daddy, he’s not allowed to come in.â€


“I’m not trying to─†Richard said.


“I do not accept your advances, Mr. Messer. He’s been bothering me, daddy.â€


“I’ve been trying to keep an eye out on you. There’s been weird men walking around.â€


Mr. Spearman looked confused.


“There’s been someone walking around town late at night,†Richard said quickly.


“What’re you talking about boy!?!†Mr. Spearman said.


Mr. Spearman was a big man. He wore coveralls, probably still from his work at a factory in Atlanta. A large, stinking cigar stuck out of one side of his mouth.


“I’m just saying don’t let anyone you know in,†Richard said.


“You take me for some kind of dummy?†Mr. Spearman said.




“When I take advice from a 15-year-old boy comes ‘round here mumbling stuff, I hope somebody shoots me in the head.â€


“Well, I can do that for you.â€


Mr. Spearman’s eyes opened wide and he grabbed Richard by his shirt, shaking him.


“Richard Messer,†he said. “Do not make me come over and talk to your daddy about you, all right?â€


“Sorry,†Richard said. “Sorry.â€


“I thought you were


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