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Seven years of sometimes awesome online gaming.



Well I was a little shocked to see that I returned to Cthulhu's slightly damp embrace seven years ago and it was all thanks to the internet and this website. I have gamed with several groups and overall I've been very lucky as so far all the people I have met been fun and enthusiastic about the hobby but there has been a few bumpy patches along the way some of which have been fairly big. I wonder if gaming over the net makes the problem of group collapse more likely as it makes off table chat more difficult, the feeling of isolation? and personal disconnect greater. My first group died of ennui which was possibly helped along by my desperation to keep something going the infamous four part Eclipse Phase game that I tried was only fun on the last session for example. The second group had two phases, phase one was as a player in a fantastic adaption of Masks for Delta Green but it was a weekly game and I think it became pretty gruelling for the Keeper especially when he moved into the big city and the distractions within. And so towards the end he seemed to lose enthusiasm for it and the mechanics started to crumble around the edges some of my misgivings about certain play styles and narrative started to ramp up and whilst I was still excited to play (Sometimes looking back a little too much) I was becoming unhappy after the games and I started to feel boxed in and railroaded, also their was a somewhat large communication problem which fed back into my general unhappiness.
So that ended with me barely taking part in the last few episodes (Things had become so bad that my new character ended up being shot by them) Phase 2 The Keeper trailed away and soon disappeared for all intents so the players got together and started to run games and I came back after a brief break to clear my head but unfortunately things soon started to return to the bad old ways and things started to make less sense (The Derelict is a great game but I hated the rich friends voyage option the comedic way the guy played the Captain didn't help) so I ended up dropping out of games more and more often which was not one of my most proudest moments but things came to a head after a big bust up over a Cthulhu Dark play test of one of the groups potential convention games (Cthulhu Dark is pretty awesome by the way) the Keeper kept throwing things at us and we ended up trying to deal with them but it seemed not in the way the Keeper had wanted. For example he seemed shocked when my character decided to drive faster and away from the horde of monsters instead of stopping and doing ?. The game ended badly things were said and I swore a bit and that was that game over man game over.
It seemed that we had totally different ideas on how games should go and I admit I have a problem sometimes suspending my disbelief and ignoring certain aspects of plot and game play and just carrying on which I admit is an annoying habit especially in Cthulhu. For example I will board a ship but not by climbing up its iced up sides for example but I should have as it ended up just being background fluff and if I had I could have got on with the game. Group 3 is in its early stages and its having a few starting hiccups getting player consistency is the main worry at the moment and there have been a few technical issues mainly down to me forgetting how Hangouts works but I'm hopeful that things will balance out in the new year which will hopefully be an awesome eighth year of gaming.


Oh and the Renaissance game I'm in is still awesome and luckily going strong in all its beautiful weird 17th century styling. I hope anyone who reads this has an awesome year of gaming ahead of them in 2018.


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I got back into games five years ago. Dungeons and Dragons. The Good Friends of Jackson Elias got me started playing Cthulhu.

I found them while scanning the free stuff on RPGnow. The name of the podcast was too random for me to ignore! I didn't even know who Jackson Elias was!


I have had a great time gaming CoC over the internet, but nothing has ever gone much past one scenario with any group.


The exception to this is the weekly game I run over Skype for a few old high school friends who live far away.


We have been playing for almost a year now. Our pre-existing bond is the glue that holds it together.


Problem is, I have found plenty enough people in my hometown who want to get together around the table and play! I only have time to prep and run one game. I might have to disolve our online group.


I want to dim lights and use real handouts!

I want to read the table and share snacks!


But oh, my online game goes pretty smooth.


What to do?


It's not a bad problem to have.


Have a great 2018!

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Damn it good luck sucks as well, whilst the ability to run or be part of an online game is still amazing to me (I'm always expecting a huge bill somehow) it is a shadow of what a real tabletop game can be but it sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place, couldn't someone else in the online group step up as a Keeper or G.M? I hope you find a happy solution.

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I've been playing online for over a decade now, through the play-by-post site Play@Yog-Sothoth (http://www.callofcthulhu.org.uk/pbp/index.php). Since I can't find a group to play with locally, this is the only way I get to play outside of conventions, and it suits my limited free time. Players dropping out of games is common, but they can often be replaced. The big problem is Keepers dropping out and abandoning games in the middle. However, it's still possible to play there long-term. Two of my games lasted for several years before all of the players disappeared or withdrew. The campaign I'm currently running, a Call of Cthulhu/Doctor Who mashup, has been going strong for seven and a half years now, with the players who play the Time Lord and two of his original companions still playing (the other original companion was retired after his last player, who had joined in the first adventure, dropped out of the game). We're now well into the fifth adventure of this campaign, with no end in sight.

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Wow that sounds awesome I did try a play by post game but unfortunately never really got off the ground so hearing that yours is still going strong after seven years is damn impressive.

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Thank you! It is a lot of fun. Zombie Apocalypse actually lasted longer. It began in June 2006 (I started as a player but took over as Keeper after several months when the original Keeper couldn't continue), and it lasted nearly a decade before the players drifted away. Space Oddity lasted about five years before the players all disappeared.


You could actually play if you like. There are a couple of abandoned characters whose players dropped out that could be taken over by new players.

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That's very kind of you but I guess it all depends on Group 3 and if it manages to settle down, we've had four sessions two of which were actual gaming ones whilst the other two were cool chats but no gaming due a mix of technical problems and lack of players.Two of the players are so far pretty solid for a flexible routine but we might need a session or two more to find out where the others stand.

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It might be cognitive dissonance speaking (living in Germany and not confident enough in my German language abilities to convey all kinds of emotions, I have to play online to be able to play in French or English), but I don't see online gaming as a "shadow" of tabletop gaming.

It has drawbacks (the difficulty to "read" the other players without body language, the usually slower pacing, the sometimes lacking socializing part) but also advantages (it focuses mostly on the game itself, avoiding real-life distractions or mundane considerations like "who's gonna help me clean-up?", which can improve immersion).

Why not try to play with both groups while "rotating" the GMing?

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