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Intimate Encounters



Part IV
Intimate Encounters


Some weeks after the four experienced the strange dream Rafe Weston, FBI agent undercover as Private Security Christopher Rameriz received an email from his contact:


Field Agent Weston
Congratulations, you’ve been reactivated.


Don’t get too excited, I expect that fact we needed someone to do some detective work up there is the reason you got expedited.
There’s a killer on the loose. This alone wouldn’t be especially new but this guy seems to have some serious hacking skills on top of his bizarre methods. We need you to check it out before we get seriously involved. Your liaison will be a Detective Neumeir. I think you’ve met. He will be in contact shortly.


It seemed Neumeir had changed his tune since his run in with the investigators during the Church of Sunyata case. At 10 that night Rafe received the call he’d been waiting for.
Neaumeir reported that the latest body in a string of murders had been found at ‘The Honey Spot’ Motel in Compton and requested that Rameriz organize his group to meet there.
The four arrived at around 10.30 to find the crime scene bustling. A cordon of police tape had been run around the motel and confused and angry looking guests were in the parking lot being interviewed. A trio of news vans had already arrived, including some sort of ghost hunting show.


Rameriz, Williams, Field and Smith approached the cop guarding the perimeter. ‘Move along’ he said tiredly. The quartet introduced themselves and he radioed in. A barely audible response of ‘send them up’ buzzed back. ‘Stairs are on the right’ he says, raising the tape.


The police shifted around the crime scene taking photo’s and dusting surfaces. It occurred to Rameriz that the equipment the police were using seemed rather dated. On the floor in the centre of the room lied the body of a woman. Small holes dotted the room. Neumeir crouched by her.


The body was unusual. The woman appeared thin but her skin was loose and baggy as if she had lost a lot of weight quickly. She looked approximately 50 and was dressed rather provocatively. A blond wig was dropped nearby.


‘Thanks for coming. I’ll tell you straight up I’m not thrilled to have to call you in but this **** is insane and I need someone who has worked with insanity. This case….. it feels similar to that church craziness you lot were involved in.


The victim’s Name is Miranda Tinoco, missing since the 25th of September, when she went on a date with one Robert Hoff. Hoff was found in a similar state to Ms Tinoco here. He too had been missing since a date with a lady named Charlene Mendle, deceased also of course. A week prior to that she met with a David Eugenson and he, so far, is our patient zero. We’ve found that all the victims met on a casual rendezvous site called ‘Intimate Encounters’


‘The Medical Examiner will be here shortly but I can tell you what he’ll find. All our victims have experienced massive, sudden weight loss. They’re call our guy the Lip Killer. Though I’m not certain there even is a killer and some weird virus. Hell I don’t know, all I can think of when I see these folks are those bags of skin left around after that Sunyata ****. You think this is connected?’


George responded that they couldn’t know but they would look into it. ‘Oh and one other thing’ Neumeir pointed out. ‘Our equipment has been affected by some sort of virus. Researching this craziness online has a habit of killing your electronics. You might have noticed we’re down to last generations kit.’ he said, gesturing to the police investigators.


The group left the scene to discuss in the SUV. A quick search of the victims profiles on Intimate Encounters showed a couple of things in common. For one, all the victims were overweight. Secondly, all the deceased seemed to have been alcoholics, or at least drinkers.


The Investigators came up with a plan to catfish the killer. Each of them set up a fake profile, making sure to suggest they were on the bigger size and weren’t adverse to having a few drinks.


But the rate the murders happened suggested that there wouldn’t be a bite for about a week. They decided to be more proactive.
The offices of Intimate Encounters might provide some information into the mystery. Fortunately, Tannequa’s cleaning company held to contract for the offices and they were due to send someone around in a couple of day. A few favours called in and Tannequa arranged to be sent out there on the next rostered day.


But there was one final lead they had and they could look into it now. The first murder, David Eugenson.
With a bit of digging the group was able to find Eugenson worked for National Communication Services.
A few phone calls later and they found he had last been seen when he went on a job at Sommerset Industrial Park. The failed park had been abandoned since the mid eighties but NCS held the contract to maintain an antenna located on the site. The Group decided to get some sleep and set out in the morning.


The following day the group set out. The park had little in the way of security aside from a barb wire-topped fence, which the team managed to scale with a few scrapes and cuts.


A stark industrial wasteland stretched before them. Papers blew past in the L.A. breeze. A pair of mangy strays rutted among some trash. Most of the area looked like it had been abandoned for the last thirty years but for a pair of tyre tracks in the dust looked fresh.
The investigators followed the tracks to one of the buildings and a closed roller door. Quietly inching open the inset pedestrian door they located the source of the tracks. A van bearing the logo for National Communication Services was parked in the warehouse. The group approached it.


Inside the unlocked van’s glove compartment the group discovered a log book with Eugenson listed as the last driver, obviously they were on the right track. Beyond some heavy doors a rumbling was emanating. With the doors opened the sound was much louder and the group soon traced it to a room with a large hole in it.


The stink of excrement seeped up from the darkness but the group pressed on and clambered, as quietly as possible, down the rubble into the hole.
They found themselves what appeared to be an old septic tank. Fortunately time had evaporated much of it’s contents but the smell of **** still hung in the air and the ground still had a slippery coating of slime.


Further in the depths of the chamber the investigators could see a figure working on a huge contraption. The machine didn’t look like anything any of them had ever seen before. It was a bizzare mish-mash of electronics and it’s purpose wasn’t apparent. The figure was a man, his back to the group, but as they approached he straightened. Without turning, in a rather bored tone he announced ‘Hello.’


‘I guess you’ve found me.’ He continued. ‘Im afraid you’re going to have to let me finish my work however.’
The group pressed him for information, demanding to know what was going on and the figure had no qualms about telling them.
‘You might recognise this body as one Scott Parker’ he explained, his voice conversational.
‘I’m afraid ive had to borrow it, along with the others. You see this place I’ve been dragged to isn’t compatible with my kind.’
When quizzed about this he continued;


‘I believe it was just an accident that brought me here. The one called Eugenson was repairing one of the antenna in this park. Funny how just the right combination of electrical interference, combined with some chemicals left over from the previous tenants, was enough to tear a door in reality. I was dragged from my home and stranded here. Just bad luck I guess.’ He shrugged.
‘Well now if you’ll let me be I’ve just got to finish up here and I’ll be on my way back home.’


‘So what exactly will happen when you start up the machine’ enquired Williams.


‘Well It’ll open up a portal to my home.’ Said the being. ‘I mean it will cause a small explosion on closing, but that can’t be helped.’


‘Small explosion?’ echoed the investigators.


‘Yes, about ten to fifteen megatons I expect. Can’t be helped.’


‘I’m afraid we cant allow you to do that.’ Began Smith as Rameriz drew his gun.
‘Oh I don’t think you can stop me’ – said the Eugenson thing, ignoring the request and continuing to work on its machine.
‘Ok, step away from the machine!’ yelled Rameriz, taking aim with him Magnum.


Eugenson stopped and turned, an annoyed look crossing his features.


‘Well, sorry it had to come to this.’


His skin erupted and as a living void smashed through his chest. The empty skin of Eugenson collapsed on the ground in a pile leaving a black ball of negative energy in its place.


The Entity moved on the team and Rameriz fired but his bullets did nothing as they were absorbed by the creature. They fled.


The Entity closed in on them as they scrambled up and out of the hole and fled the building. Lighting crackled from creature burning small wounds in the team.
The van stood ahead and they piled in. Field threw it into reverse and slammed the accelerator. Then they realized the warehouse doors were shut.


With a smash the back of the van crumpled in as it collided with the heavy doors. The Entity closed in, moving in front of the van. Thinking quickly Field threw the car in drive and plowed into the void-like creature. The speeding van collected the Entity and all five hurtled into the far wall. With a tearing sound the Entity came apart, absorbing the front of the van into itself and collapsing. As sense returned to the situation the creature, and a large semi-circular part of the front of the van, was gone.
The investigators piled out of the wreckage and raced to the machine which was looking exceedingly unstable.


Esther Smith approached it while the others considered what to do and a few seconds later the machine was deactivated, leaving everyone wondering how a hairdresser had any knowledge on Interdimensional Engineering.


Agent Rafe Weston soon arranged for the FBI to come and seize control of the strange machine and the incident was covered up quickly and cleanly.


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