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Playtesting again

Shimmin Beg


Having just apologised for not really doing anything recently, I can offer this game recording by way of consolation. It's the second playtest of an occult-y, Hammer Horror-y modern day scenario set in Devon, which I wrote last year and have been slowly getting round to running. Link to my generic gaming blog here for downloads: http://librarians-and-leviathans.blogspot.com/2017/10/upon-their-backs-to-bite-em-scenario.html


I should mention that I ran a sort of weird hybrid of 6e and 7e, if anyone's confused by the slapdash rules in play. Basically I used the 3d6 stats (which everyone is familiar with, not least from masses of <i>Pathfinder</i>, but allowed Luck spending.


Comments and thoughts either here or on the other blog are always welcome.


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